MoMa is Omron’s Visionary Leap into Flexible Production: Sameer Gandhi

Sameer Gandhi at Automation Expo 2023

At Automation Expo 2023 in Bombay Exhibition Centre, Omron Automation marked its 90th anniversary, shining in the industrial automation sector. Renowned for its integrated solutions spanning sensing, control, safety, and more, Omron highlighted its innovative Omron Mobile Manipulator – MoMa.

Omron Automation stands as a beacon in the realm of industrial automation. With its holistic approach encompassing sensing, control, safety, vision, motion, robotics, and more, it’s no surprise that the company is revered as a comprehensive automation partner for industries worldwide. With a diligent force of 30,000 employees spread across 110 countries, Omron Automation continually delivers innovative solutions that cater to the intricate challenges of modern-day businesses.

At the heart of Mumbai’s bustling event scene, the Automation 2023 Expo, organised by IED Communications, emerged as a hub for groundbreaking technological innovations. Bombay Exhibition Centre, the expo’s venue, was abuzz with excitement, brimming with industry enthusiasts and professionals eager to glimpse the future of automation.

Omron’s Mobile Manipulator

Amidst this hive of activity, Sharvari Prayag from Machine Maker had the privilege of interacting exclusively with Sameer Gandhi, Managing Director of Omron Automation India. Their conversation delved deep into the legacy of OMRON, its innovative product range, and the future of automation in the Indian manufacturing sector.

Established in Japan in 1933 by Kazuma Tateisi, OMRON’s inception was marked by the creation of an X-ray timer. “This invention was pivotal in the realm of medical technology, ensuring there was no over or underexposure, which was paramount for patient safety,” Mr Gandhi shared.

Since 1996, OMRON has cemented its presence in India, continuously bringing forward automation solutions tailored to the unique challenges of the Indian manufacturing landscape. The company’s vision has always been to create opportunities while addressing these challenges head-on.

When asked about the standout products on display at the expo, Sameer Gandhi eagerly highlighted their latest innovation. “Our primary spotlight is on Omron Mobile Manipulator (MoMa), a unique fusion of a collaborative robot (cobot) and an automated mobile robot. This self-navigating marvel represents the next step in automation. Apart from MoMa, we have an array of server motors, drives, PLCs, and packaging machines. More than products, we are focusing on putting forth revolutionary manufacturing concepts,” he elucidated.

Sameer’s perspective on the future of automation in the Indian manufacturing market was particularly insightful. He segmented his vision into two distinct avenues – enhancing existing manufacturing setups and crafting new, innovative manufacturing systems. With India’s burgeoning manufacturing sector, Gandhi sees a bright future and exponential growth for automation.

Reflecting on the expo and what he anticipates from it, Mr Gandhi concluded, “It’s more than just an exhibition for us. It’s an opportunity to interact, engage, and most importantly, inspire. We’re looking forward to hosting visitors, sharing insights, and driving conversations around the future of automation.” OMRON’s journey, as narrated by Gandhi, underscores its commitment to innovation, societal benefit, and a relentless pursuit of enhancing manufacturing capabilities. As the journey continues, industry insiders and enthusiasts alike are eager to see what other marvels OMRON and its peers will unveil.


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