Hindustan Thermostatics Safeguards Dairy Farmers with World’s Fastest Ultrasonic Milk Analyzer

Sanyam Jain
Sanyam Jain

The entire chain of processing, storage, and distribution of milk and milk products starts with the raw milk procurement. A proper quality check at the procurement stage is a decisive factor for hygiene and health benefits that pass on to saleable milk or milk products. Hindustan Thermostatics is a forerunner company in this segment which has been ensuring error-free quality checking at the procurement stage with its innovative solutions.

Established in 1965 Hindustan Thermostatics is a leading Indian manufacturer of testing equipment for milk and milk products. Its product range for the dairy industry also includes Butyrometers, Butyrometers accessories, Ultrasonic Stirrer, and cleaning solutions. Hindustan Thermostatics is the first company in India to get a BIS mark on its milk testing products. The company also has a sizeable presence in laboratory glassware manufacturing. 

The company headquartered in Ambala and has a presence in other locations along with a manufacturing facility in Germany. The company exports to almost 28 different countries including highly developed countries like Germany, the United States of America, and the United Kingdom, etc. as well as new export territories such as Kenya and Ethiopia.

Machine Maker spoke to Sanyam Jain, General Manager, Hindustan Thermostatics during the Dairy Industry Expo 2019.  At the Dairy Expo, the company exhibited its innovative Ultrascan Milk Analyzer and Automatic Milk Collection Unit. The Ultrascan Milk Analyzer offered by Hindustan Thermostatics is, in fact, the world’s fastest ultrasonic milk analyzer in the market.    

“We are displaying the milk analyzer which is the world’s fastest milk analyzer which tests parameters of milk testing such as fat content, water, added water, temperature, freezing point, etc. in just 18 seconds as compared 30-35 seconds consumed by other machines, and in case of milk which is volatile, this time saving makes a huge difference for the dairy farmers.”

Dairy farmers often fail to get the right value for their milk as adulteration or contamination either by the dairy farmers or middlemen compromise the quality of the milk. With the innovative milk analyzer and collection unit, Hindustan Thermostactics has obviated the scope of adulteration, ensuring the hygiene of the milk is maintained and the dairy farmers get the right value for their milk.

“We believe the entire money of the dairy farmer should reach the farmer only and there should not be any disruption at the middleman’s end. So, we provide solutions to ensure that the farmer is not deprived of the money even for a drop of milk”, says Sanyam.

“Once the factory is dependent on the contractor, the quality of milk is often compromised and there is also a chance of contamination. With our systems, there is no chance of contamination, and proper hygiene is maintained.” The analyzer and the automatic collection units are IIoT enabled machines that can be remotely operated by the milk plant.

“Both the products are installed at the milk collection unit. Once a drop of milk is poured in the collection center, the entire report is given to the head office and the farmer gets money directly from the milk plant. So, no middleman gets involved in between and the farmer is not exploited”, adds Sanyam.

The data after quality check get uploaded to the FTP server and can be accessed anywhere in the world by the competent authority. “Recently, Holland Dairy PLC gave us the contract for automatic milk collection unit for their dairy plant in Ethiopia. They can access the milk procurement data of Ethiopian dairy plant sitting in Holland”, Sanyam cited. 

On being asked about the mindset of dairy farmers or customers on the adoption of new technology, Sanyam said, “Earlier people were dependent only on Butyrometer which cost nominal. Now, the analyzer is costing thousands but still the customers are interested in adopting new technologies. They are not sticking to cheaper and conventional methods. So, we are bringing new technology and they are accepting this.”

Sanyam felt the Dairy Expo was a great opportunity for the company where they received quite a few inquiries by the customers and met with dairy farmers who shared their challenges. “We will try to plan our strategy based on their feedback and implement that in our new technologies.”

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