Aryav Ecofriendly Showcases Atmospheric Water Generator at G20 India Shikhar Summit

The company has now ventured into the domain of water scarcity solutions with their futuristic AWG

Aryav Ecofriendly Resources Pvt Ltd, an Indian company with over a decade of experience in environmental innovative products, captured attention at the G20 India Shikhar Summit with their groundbreaking Atmospheric Water Generator (AWG). Specializing in Solar Power Plants, Solar Water Heating Systems, and waste management, the company has now ventured into the domain of water scarcity solutions with their futuristic AWG.

During the summit, the founder of Aryav, Sanjay Kumar Garg, shed light on the inspiration behind their innovative product. He recounted an eye-opening experience during a family vacation in Cape Town, where they faced severe water limitations and had to rely on procuring water from the local department. This incident made them realize that water scarcity could potentially become a widespread issue worldwide in the future. Determined to find a solution, the founders embarked on a journey of research and exploration.

Initially considering water treatment plants, they shifted focus after recognizing the presence of several companies in that segment. A thorough investigation led them to the concept of atmospheric water generation, where air is converted into water. This realization marked the birth of their futuristic product, the Atmospheric Water Generator (AWG), as a viable and efficient solution to tackle water scarcity.

Sanjay Kumar Garg, along with co-founders Natwar Dhuwalia and Bharat Bhushan Kapoor, worked diligently to develop a prototype in 2020, even amidst the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. After receiving valuable feedback, they made improvements to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the machine.

By September 2021, Aryav successfully deployed their AWG in Kolkata as part of a CSR initiative. The positive results further encouraged them to refine the technology, leading to the acquisition of an Indian patent, while their US patent is currently under process.

“With our Atmospheric Water Generator, we aim to address the global water scarcity challenge by tapping into the untapped potential of atmospheric water. We believe that water is a precious resource, and it’s our responsibility to harness it sustainably. The G20 India Shikhar Summit has provided us with an incredible platform to showcase our innovation and collaborate with like-minded partners worldwide,” said Sanjay Kumar Garg.

With a vision to become a global leader in the atmospheric water generator segment, Aryav Ecofriendly Resources Pvt Ltd has already established partnerships in the UAE, Mexico, and South Africa. Their commitment to energy efficiency and water conservation aligns with the growing global focus on sustainable solutions for water challenges.

The Aryav AWG has emerged as a promising technology, driven by the understanding that many areas are facing water challenges, despite the abundance of water present in the air. With their innovative product and commercially viable approach, Aryav aims to make a significant impact in solving water scarcity issues around the world. As the G20 India Shikhar Summit provided a platform for showcasing Aryav’s innovative Atmospheric Water Generator, it illuminated the path for a sustainable and water-secure future for communities worldwide.


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