Rhino Machines has Catapulted for Different Position: Manish Kothari

Manish Kothari, Managing Director of Rhino Machines

Established in 1983, Rhino Machines has been one of the pivotal forces in the foundry industry. Originally conceived as a project consultancy firm, its primary mission has been to conceive, engineer and foster solutions to enhance the foundry sector’s efficiency and performance, with a particular focus on the Green Sand Process. On the eve of IFEX 2024, where Rhino Machines will exhibit a wide range of solutions focusing on sustainability, waste, and wealth, we bring an exclusive interview story with Manish Kothari, the man behind the change.

India’s foundry industry is on a steady rise, positioning the country as the third-largest contributor globally. As it experiences rapid growth and development, the Indian foundry sector holds immense potential to significantly enhance its export market share, potentially tripling its current levels. Rhino Machines specializes in designing pertinent technologies tailored to the foundry industry, contributing to its competitiveness, resilience, and adherence to environmental, social, and governance standards. Over the years, the company has undertaken diverse projects, including the Silica Plastic Block (SPB) initiative in 2018, Industry 4.0 solutions in 2017, Green Sand Reclamation in 2016, and other noteworthy endeavours.

In this interaction with Machine Maker, Manish Kothari, Managing Director of Rhino Machines, delved into his experiences, offered in-depth insights into the latest foundry technologies set to be showcased at IFEX 2024, and outlined the company’s expectations from the exhibition. Mr Kothari highlighted how the event will benefit Rhino Machines and contribute to the broader advancements in the Indian foundry industry.

Foundry Industry: Building Connections and Visibility

According to Manish Kothari, establishing connections and expanding reach would significantly enhance the visibility of companies like Rhino Machines in the foundry industry. Mr Kothari says, “One of the reasons is the annual gathering of the foundry industry, where we can meet and connect. We’ve been exhibiting since 2005, and visibility is important. We’ve only missed one or two exhibitions in which we did not participate in the past 18 years. I believe being noticed is extremely important for the company’s progress to showcase what we have done. It is always good to have a place to meet different people.”

Ecoflex & Multiflex at Varsha Iron, Belgaum

Discussing his expectations from the IFEX 2024 exhibition, Mr Kothari has further emphasized the significance of connection-building and enriching visibility to strengthen the brand value of Rhino Machines. He has also elaborated on the anticipation that individuals unfamiliar with Rhino Machines may gain insight into the company’s operations and functions, providing them with a notable competitive advantage. In this regard, Mr Kothari says, “There are always newcomers in the foundry industry, looking for solutions, and it is impossible to reach out to everyone in a vast country like India. Hence, we expect this exhibition to be a platform for making connections. Considering the international players in this industry, we also expect to get considerable outreach in this exhibition.”

Commenting on developing the brand value for Rhino Machines, Mr Kothari observes, “We want to build a sustainable brand value for Rhino, which would help us be a trusted partner in the foundry industry. We’re also looking for the customers coming in and recording their bytes. One of our customers has commented that Rhino Machines has catapulted to a different position. That is a powerful statement from a senior foundryman who has even worked with my father.”

Reflecting on the importance of constructive opinions and observations on the company’s performance, Mr Kothari proposes, “We always welcome feedback, both good and bad, from our customers to get an idea of how we can improve our performance. To be able to handle that transparently in an open forum is a big deal. Hence, we are looking forward that this exhibition will provide us the said platform.”

Rhino Machines: Advancing New Foundry Technologies

Discussing the foundry technologies slated for display at the IFEX 2024 Exhibition, Mr Kothari drew on his experience from the 2012 Bangalore Exhibition. Traditionally, Rhino Machines has occupied a significant space in previous exhibitions, particularly 80 square meters, notably in the 2012 exhibition. They showcased multiflex, mixer, RTC, and several other innovative technologies during that event. However, in the last 3-4 years, the company has shifted its approach, reducing the display of machines and technologies.

They focus on exhibiting catalogues, disseminating information, and prioritizing discussions. Nevertheless, for this year’s exhibition, Rhino Machines has introduced a novel recycling technology designed to address the foundry waste disposal challenge. They have successfully developed a model that can be showcased at the exhibition, and it has already undergone testing in their factory. This innovative solution represents a highly specialized product from Rhino Machines.

Discussing their ongoing innovations, Mr Kothari highlights that Rhino Machines focuses on technology aimed at enhancing the efficiency of sand reclamation, particularly by developing smaller sizes to improve cost-effectiveness. The company is adapting foundry sizes to enable smaller foundries to implement sand reclamation facilities more effectively and efficiently. Mr Kothari expresses optimism that by the end of 2024, Rhino Machines will introduce a technology specifically tailored for smaller foundries, facilitating the establishment of reclamation facilities. This ongoing project is anticipated to be showcased in the upcoming editions of the exhibition.

Additionally, the company is actively engaged in the ecosystem of the foundry market, exploring ways to implement Indian foundry practices in other markets. This initiative represents a business model and ecosystem development innovation that Rhino Machines is actively pursuing for its future trajectory. Beyond domestic frontiers, Manish Kothari is concerned about Rhino Machines contributing actively to the ecosystem of the foundry market, exploring ways to implement Indian practices globally, especially in Africa.

Rhino Machines is set to revolutionize the dynamics of the foundry industry with its latest technological advancements. IFEX 2024 is one of the key platforms for Rhino Machines, where connections would thrive, and cutting-edge technologies would captivate the attention of the spectators. Under the visionary leadership of Manish Kothari, ongoing advancements extend well beyond the confines of exhibition floors. As Mr Kothari envisions, Rhino Machines would come up as one of the pioneers, shaping the future landscape of the global foundry industry.


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