Vedanta Aluminium Drives Sustainable Initiatives at COP28 in Dubai

John Slaven, CEO, Vedanta Aluminium

Vedanta Aluminium, India’s largest producer of aluminum, made its debut at COP28 in Dubai, focusing on the central role of aluminum in fostering sustainable applications and supporting global efforts to decarbonize. Vedanta Aluminium, a business of Vedanta Limited, holds a leadership position in the aluminum industry, manufacturing over half of India’s aluminum. With a focus on sustainable development and a commitment to Net Zero by 2050, Vedanta Aluminium remains at the forefront of driving positive change in the industry.

John Slaven, CEO of Vedanta Aluminium, has participated in the ‘Industrial Transition Accelerator’ Roundtable and highlighted aluminum’s growing significance in sectors like aerospace, automotive, transportation, construction, and electricals. As a versatile and sustainable material, aluminum is increasingly vital in emerging fields such as renewable energy, electric mobility, hi-tech manufacturing, and green infrastructure.

During COP28, Vedanta Aluminium launched its 4th annual Sustainable Development Report, titled ‘Sustainability in Action: Transparency, Responsibility, and Progress.’ The report provides a comprehensive overview of the company’s initiatives to combat climate change, decarbonize operations, and promote inclusive socio-economic growth in local communities. Vedanta Aluminium operates mega aluminum smelters in Jharsuguda, one of the world’s largest, a world-class Alumina Refinery in Lanjigarh, Odisha, and BALCO, India’s iconic aluminum producer in Korba, Chhattisgarh.

John Slaven also expressed Vedanta Aluminium’s commitment to achieve Net Zero by 2050 through clear emission mitigation timelines, cutting-edge carbon sequestration technologies, increased renewable energy usage, and support for climate resilience initiatives in local communities. Notably, the company achieved a remarkable 28% reduction in greenhouse gas (GHG) intensity in FY23 compared to the FY12 baseline, while production increased threefold during the same period.

The Sustainable Development Report for FY23 highlights key achievements, including an 8% reduction in GHG emissions intensity, utilization of 1.37 billion units of renewable energy, a noteworthy 11% reduction in water withdrawal, significant freshwater savings, doubled waste utilization, and collaboration on over 40 rural community water bodies restoration projects.

Vedanta Aluminium has embraced a multipronged approach to sustainability, incorporating product innovation, smart manufacturing, and community partnerships. The company has entered long-term power distribution agreements to source 1335 MW of renewable energy and introduced Restora, a low-carbon ‘green’ aluminum range. The integration of emerging technologies, such as Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)-based devices, is contributing to emissions mitigation.

Recognized for its sustainable practices, Vedanta Aluminium ranks 2nd in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI) 2022 for the aluminum industry. Certifications from the Aluminium Stewardship Initiative and verification from Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) International underscore the sustainability of its operations and products.

Vedanta Aluminium’s services extend beyond operations to include extensive community initiatives. The company positively impacts over 6.3 lakh women and children through focused social interventions. Community investments increased by over 45% in FY23, supporting initiatives in education, healthcare, livelihood, community infrastructure, art & culture, and grassroots sports. The company has also diversified employee hiring to include transgender and differently-abled professionals, fostering a truly inclusive workplace.

Vedanta Aluminium’s initiatives at COP28 and the release of its Sustainable Development Report underscore its dedication to a climate-resilient and sustainable future. As the ‘Metal of the Future,’ aluminum continues to play a crucial role in driving innovation and promoting responsible practices in the industry. Vedanta Aluminium’s strides in sustainability reaffirm its conscious contributions to environmental stewardship and socio-economic development.


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