Sandvik Coromant to Revolutionize Precision Milling


Sandvik Coromant has introduced a cutting-edge tool poised to transform milling processes. Sangram Dash, Product Application Manager for Indexable Milling at Sandvik Coromant, delves into the revolutionary nature of CoroMill® MF80, an innovative solution designed to enhance milling applications in ISO K and ISO P materials, enabling superior precision and cost efficiency.

Sandvik Coromant stands at the forefront of paving the path towards a sustainable tomorrow by furnishing cutting-edge tooling solutions to the global engineering sectors. With a rich history spanning over eight decades, Sandvik Coromant boasts a profound understanding of metal-cutting and machining, leveraging this extensive knowledge to turn challenges into opportunities for pioneering innovation and cooperative endeavors.

In machining, achieving close to 90-degree shoulder milling is highly sought after due to its ability to produce precise components, a critical requirement as automotive engines become increasingly complex. Automotive OEMs are striving to manufacture parts with tighter tolerances to meet the demands of more intricate and modern designs. These advanced components, such as engine block transmission cases, gear box housings, and steering knuckles, pose challenges due to their complex shapes and fixturing limitations.

Close-to 90-degree shoulder milling tools are preferred for their efficiency in machining such intricate components with minimal axial loads, resulting in cost savings and improved manufacturing efficiency. Additionally, such tools offer economic advantages. However, in applications involving long overhangs, shoulder milling often brings about vibration issues. Vibrations in shoulder milling applications can have adverse effects such as uneven cutting forces, leading to poor surface finish and decreased accuracy.

Excessive vibrations also accelerate tool wear, reducing tool lifespan and increasing production costs. Moreover, they can result in workpiece inaccuracies and potential damage to the machine. Thus, it is imperative to minimize tool vibrations to achieve high-quality and precise shoulder milling operations. Sandvik Coromant encountered numerous challenges prompting the development of a milling solution tailored for automotive applications involving ISO K and ISO P materials.

Utilizing the foundation of their CoroMill® 345 technology, Sandvik Coromant introduced the CoroMill® MF80 milling concept, engineered specifically for reliable face and shoulder milling tasks within tight fixture constraints and nearly 90-degree operations. Distinguished by its capability to approach angles as close as 89.5 degrees, surpassing competitors’ offerings ranging from 84 to 88 degrees, the MF80 delivers enhanced material removal efficiency and optimizes stock preservation for subsequent operations.

In the discerning automotive industry, where investments undergo meticulous scrutiny, the significance of a dependable cutting tool cannot be overstated. Thus, the CoroMill® MF80 is furnished with a protective carbide shim, nestled within the cutter body, ensuring secure positioning and locking of the insert upon mounting. This strategically placed shim serves to mitigate insert movement, minimizing undesirable vibrations and potential insert damage, thereby safeguarding the cutter against accidents.

Omitting this protective element within the shim could jeopardize reliability and expose the tool to potential damage. Whereas some tools may overlook the importance of vibration control, leading to accelerated tool wear, compromised accuracy, and potential workpiece quality issues, the CoroMill® MF80 prioritizes vibration suppression. Moreover, the cutter bodies are designed to be 40% lighter in weight, crucial for upholding stability and precision in applications with extended overhangs.

The performance advantages of the CoroMill® MF80 have been clearly demonstrated when compared to competing tools. In a rigorous test scenario involving roughing applications on both ISO-K cast iron and ISO-P steel workpieces, the CoroMill® MF80 consistently outperformed its competitors. In the case of roughing ISO-K cast iron to produce carrier and support components, both the CoroMill® MF80 and a competitor’s shoulder mill underwent testing under identical conditions, including cutting parameters and cycle time.

Despite the CoroMill® MF80 being slightly smaller in diameter and having one less insert than the competitor’s tool, it showcased a remarkable 54% increase in tool life on a single edge. This translated to the production of 15 components compared to the competitor’s 10. Furthermore, when faced with the challenge of rough shoulder milling on ISO-P steel to manufacture pump and valve components, the CoroMill® MF80 once again demonstrated its superiority.

Equipped with a higher insert density, the 80 mm diameter CoroMill® MF80 cutter boasted eight inserts compared to the competitor’s five. This strategic design allowed the CoroMill® MF80 to engage with the workpiece using more cutting edges simultaneously, resulting in faster material removal and improved machining performance. Consequently, the CoroMill® MF80 reduced production time significantly, completing the part in just 2.8 minutes compared to the competing tool’s 4.5 minutes—a remarkable 60% improvement in overall productivity.

Moreover, the CoroMill® MF80 exhibited a 67% increase in tool life, producing 15 components with one edge set compared to the competitor’s nine components. As a specialized solution tailored for close-to-90-degree shoulder milling in ISO P and K applications, the CoroMill® MF80 is poised to capture a substantial share of the automotive milling market. Rather than diversifying its product line, Sandvik Coromant remains steadfast in its commitment to perfecting and optimizing the CoroMill® MF80 for its target niche.


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