Sandvik Coromant Launches Next-Gen CoroMill® Plura HD Solid Carbide End Mills


Sandvik Coromant, the metal cutting specialist, has introduced the next generation of CoroMill® Plura HD solid carbide end mills to revolutionize machining strategies and address industry challenges. The innovative tool, designed for roughing operations, offers a 30% increase in cutting speed, significantly impacting tool life, productivity, and overall process security.

Sandvik Coromant, the manufacturer of premium metal-cutting tools, is focused on working towards towards a sustainable future, collaborating with customers and partners to provide cutting-edge tooling solutions worldwide. With over eight decades of hands-on experience, the company has obtained substantial knowledge in metal-cutting and machining. This profound expertise not only tackles challenges but also transforms them into opportunities for innovation, collaboration, and progressive solutions.

Sandvik Coromant’s mission extends beyond providing exceptional tooling solutions; it aims to be a catalyst for positive change. The company is focused on promoting sustainability, efficiency, and growth, envisioning a future where innovation flourishes. As an integral part of the global industrial engineering group Sandvik, Sandvik Coromant contributes in shaping a future where collaborative efforts lead to advancements. With the global market facing rising energy and raw material prices, coupled with challenges such as inflation and geopolitical tensions, manufacturers seek innovative solutions to maintain a low cost-per-part and sustain profitability. Sandvik Coromant’s response is a pioneering power cut machining strategy for roughing operations, proving to be highly effective in optimizing metal removal rates while ensuring excellent process security.

Sandvik Coromant’s CoroMill Plura HD in Action

As market demands evolve, machine shops continually seek ways to stay competitive. Solid carbide end mills for roughing operations have been a go-to solution, but existing tools often exhibit limitations in terms of tool life, productivity, and process security. Antti Wikström, Global Product Manager for Solid End Mills — Roughing at Sandvik Coromant, delves into how the CoroMill® Plura HD overcomes these challenges, providing more predictable and reliable performance.

Acknowledging the impact of global factors like inflation and the Ukraine war on rising energy and raw material prices, including steel, manufacturers face significant obstacles in achieving a low cost-per-part and maintaining profitability. Sandvik Coromant emphasizes a strategic approach to machining applications to overcome these challenges, highlighting the application of a power cut machining strategy as an effective solution for roughing operations.

The power cut machining strategy emerges as a game-changer in optimizing roughing operations. This approach ensures efficient metal removal rates and impeccable process security. By implementing an effective power cut strategy, manufacturers can streamline roughing operations, leading to increased productivity and reduced cycle times. The power cut strategy, akin to high feed side milling (HFSM) but with a larger radial width of cut, relies on controlled engagement and tool load. Successful implementation involves maintaining a constant high radial engagement and smooth motions during machining, contributing to enhanced process security, tool life, and productivity.

Before delving into the power cut strategy, it’s crucial to briefly examine two conventional options for roughing operations. The picture frame strategy, an older approach with an inefficient tool path, comes with its set of benefits and disadvantages. On the other hand, the HFSM strategy, known for its efficiency and high performance, has limitations in larger radial engagements. Sandvik Coromant recognized the need for a tool designed for larger engagements, leading to the development of the optimized CoroMill® Plura HD solid carbide end mill.

CoroMill® Plura HD is presented in two upgraded grades and coatings: P2BM for steel and M2CM for stainless. The larger radial engagement of these grades allows for higher material removal rates (MRR) in applications, with an advantage achievable up to 2xDC, leading to increased material removal in a single pass. Sandvik Coromant’s research and development specialists introduce the Zertivo™ 2.0 coating technology for these new grades, enhancing tool life while increasing cutting speeds by resisting heat and abrasive wear without compromising toughness.

The power cut strategy allows for an impressive 70-90% radial engagement, enabling around 10 passes at once compared to the traditional HFSM strategy. While HFSM can accommodate very large axial depth of cuts, the power cut strategy has a limit of two times the cutter diameter for axial depth of cut. Within this working area, manufacturers can achieve high metal removal rates while maintaining process stability, reducing the risk of tool breakage or other issues.

CoroMill® Plura HD and Zertivo™ 2.0 underwent extensive performance tests against competitor’s solid carbide end mills. In one notable case, the M2CM grade showcased a +65% tool life increase in slot milling stainless steel, while the P2BM grade exhibited a remarkable +150% tool life increase in dry shoulder milling of steel. Sandvik Coromant’s CoroMill® Plura HD solid carbide end mill proves to be a contributes in bringing improvements in tool life and productivity compared to competing tools. The addition of the Zertivo™ 2.0 coating further enhances process security, tool life, and productivity, positioning it as a superior solution in the machining landscape.

However, the performance of CoroMill® Plura HD can be further elevated by applying the power cut strategy. By integrating this innovative approach, the tool’s efficiency is multiplied, ensuring enhanced process security, extended tool life, and increased productivity. Sandvik Coromant’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of machining technology reaffirms its position as an industry leader, providing solutions that


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