LANXESS Starts Up Expanded Plant for Sustainable Sulfur Carriers


LANXESS, a specialty chemicals company, has finished expanding its production capacity for eco-friendly light-color sulfur carriers by several kilotons. This project, requiring a double-digit million investment, was successfully executed at the Mannheim site within the anticipated two-year timeline.

LANXESS, a prominent player in the specialty chemicals sector, recorded sales of EUR 8.1 billion in 2022. Operating across 32 countries, the company boasts a workforce of approximately 13,000 employees. Specializing in the production and distribution of chemical intermediates, additives, and consumer protection products, IT is included in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI World and Europe).

The increased volumes are set to be accessible starting in 2024. Neelanjan Banerjee, the Head of LANXESS Lubricant Additives Business (LAB), emphasizes the growing significance of sustainability among customers. He highlights that their sustainable light-color sulfur carriers are well-suited to meet customer demands, enabling the company to enhance its market presence in Extreme Pressure additives.

LANXESS offers a wide array of Extreme Pressure additives sold under the brand names Additin EP and Scopeblue Additin EP. These additives are highly efficient in minimizing wear on metal surfaces and preventing cold welding. They find applications in metalworking fluids, greases, gear oils, and slideway oils. Most Additin EP products are environmentally friendly, formulated using locally sourced, renewable raw materials like rapeseed oil and its ester derivatives.

Lanxess has identified the variants containing over 50 percent sustainable raw materials with its sustainability brand, Scopeblue. Additin EP and Scopeblue Additin EP offer a compelling solution for formulators seeking to substitute substances like medium-chain chlorinated paraffins.

These substances, classified as Substances of Very High Concern (SVHCs) by the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA), are known for their environmental persistence and high bioaccumulation potential. Thanks to their favorable eco-toxicological profile and superior performance, even under high machining speeds and in heavy-duty metalworking processes, Additin EP and Scopeblue Additin EP are highly effective alternatives.

LANXESS’ Lubricant Additives Business has a rich history of offering specialized application technology knowledge and customized solutions to its clients. It stands out as the preferred partner for developers seeking to switch to environmentally friendly and exceptionally efficient ingredients, such as Additin EP and Scopeblue Additin EP.


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