Infineon Unveils New 62mm CoolSiC™ MOSFET Module for Enhanced Power Efficiency


Infineon Technologies AG has expanded its CoolSiC 1200 V and 2000 V MOSFET module families with the introduction of a new 62mm package, leveraging advanced M1H silicon carbide technology. This latest addition is tailored for mid-power applications in the 250 kW range, a domain where traditional silicon IGBT technology falls short in terms of power density.

The new MOSFET modules, featuring a half-bridge topology, are designed to accommodate a range of applications including solar energy, server and energy storage systems, EV chargers, traction, commercial induction cooking, and power conversion systems. Infineon’s M1H technology enhances the modules with a broader gate voltage window, providing robustness against voltage spikes and minimizing restrictions at higher switching frequencies.

Furthermore, the modules boast low switching and transmission losses, significantly reducing cooling requirements. With high reverse voltage capabilities, these devices meet the critical demands of modern system design. Infineon’s CoolSiC chip technology elevates converter efficiency, increases nominal power per inverter, and lowers system costs.

The rugged mechanical design of the package, featuring baseplate and screw connections, ensures high system availability, reduced service costs, and minimal downtime losses. The modules’ symmetrical internal design ensures uniform switching conditions, and an optional pre-applied thermal interface material (TIM) enhances thermal performance.

The CoolSiC 62mm package MOSFETs are available in various variants, including 1200 V and 2000 V options, with the portfolio completion expected in Q1 2024. An evaluation board is available to facilitate rapid characterization of the modules, serving as a reference for driver boards in volume production. For more information, visit


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