VDMA & GTAI to organise CEO Roundtable on Climate Action and Business Opportunities in Germany

Seema Bhardwaj of GTAI

The German Engineering Federation (VDMA) and Germany Trade & Invest (GTAI) are joining hands to bring industry leaders to Pune for an exclusive discussion on climate action and its business prospects in Germany. The CEO Roundtable, titled “Climate Action – Business Opportunities in Germany,” is set for Monday, 9th October 2023, at Pune.

Germany, being a global pioneer in implementing renewable energy and environmental technologies, is committed to drastic measures to combat climate change. The nation has envisioned cutting CO2 emissions by 80% and intends to derive 60% of its energy from renewable sources by 2050. Such ambitious goals have paved the way for lucrative business opportunities in numerous sectors, including Green Hydrogen, Solar and Wind energy, and Mobility.

The roundtable will feature prominent speakers shedding light on the renewable energy landscape in Germany. It will provide an overview of Germany’s energy transformation, which aspires to be fossil-fuel independent and to phase out nuclear power.

Seema Bhardwaj, the Director of GTAI India, and Thomas Grigoleit, the Director of Energy Building and Environment at GTAI, will be among the keynote speakers. Additionally, attendees will gain insights from the success story of Soleos Energy’s venture in Germany, shared by Bhavesh Kumar Rathod, the Founder and Managing Director of Soleos GmbH.

Following the talks, there will be an interactive Q&A session, allowing participants to engage with the speakers, culminating in a networking cocktail and dinner. Given the exclusivity of this event, registrations are limited. Prospective attendees are urged to confirm their participation by Tuesday, 3rd October 2023. For more information, please write to rupashri.das@vdmaindia.org


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