Teledyne FLIR IIS Unveils New Modular USB3 Machine Vision Camera Series

The Dragonfly S Camera Series: Compact and Lightweight, Perfect for Embedded or Hand-Held Applications

Teledyne FLIR IIS, formerly known as Point Grey Research, is one of the pioneering forces in the realm of area scan USB technology, has recently introduced the Dragonfly® S USB3 camera series, a cutting-edge addition to its extensive machine vision portfolio. This new series focuses on Teledyne’s vision to establish and elevate standards within the vision industry to ensure customer success.

Teledyne FLIR IIS (Integrated Imaging Solutions), a subsidiary of Teledyne Technologies, specializes in designing, developing, manufacturing, marketing, and distributing industrial-grade technologies to elevate productivity and advancement. The company is a provider of innovative sensing solutions, leveraging machine vision, spherical imaging, and stereo-imaging technologies. With a diverse portfolio, Teledyne FLIR IIS caters to a range of applications in industrial, medical, geospatial, and advanced robotics markets.

Sadiq Panjwani, General Manager, Teledyne FLIR IIS (Sadiq Panjwani/LinkedIn)

The Dragonfly S series by Teledyne meets the market’s demand for a modular, compact, and lightweight camera suitable for large-scale manufacturing, volume-driven applications, and multi-camera systems. The modular design of the Dragonfly S is set to expedite the inception stage of imaging application development across diverse industrial and non-industrial segments.

Sadiq Panjwani, General Manager at Teledyne FLIR IIS, remarked, “This is a first-of-its-kind practical option for factory automation and embedded vision-based device manufacturers. The modular concept of the new camera empowers engineers to quickly test, develop, and deliver competitive vision products to market at scale.”

The Dragonfly S camera series finds its ideal applications in embedded or handheld devices, ranging from biometrics kiosk solutions to ophthalmoscopy, 3D scanning, and automated optical inspection. This versatile series is available in multiple configurations, ranging from board-level to a fully-enclosed module housed in a ruggedized aluminum case.

The USB connector offers flexibility with rear or side orientation, featuring a screw-in locking mechanism for added security. These modular options not only provide maximum flexibility but also ensure durability, facilitating seamless integration in confined spaces.

For healthcare and residential applications where mitigating electromagnetic interference is crucial, the cased models comply with Class B EMC safety standards. Additionally, the onboard image buffer ensures the reliable transfer of every captured image frame to the host CPU.

The inaugural model of the Dragonfly S series is now available for pre-order, marking the onset of a transformative era in machine vision technology. Teledyne FLIR IIS has plans for additional model releases, spanning from VGA to 8MP, slated for 2024. This phased release strategy reflects the company’s vision to deliver a comprehensive suite of options to meet evolving customer needs and technological advancements.

Teledyne FLIR IIS continues to uphold its legacy of innovation and customer-centric solutions through the Dragonfly S USB3 camera series. By addressing the industry’s evolving demands and challenges, the company solidifies its position as a leading provider of cutting-edge machine vision technologies.

As this series unfolds, it intends to redefine standards in imaging applications, offering a dynamic and modular solution for a wide array of industries. The Dragonfly S series not only reflects technological prowess but also embodies the company’s commitment to empowering engineers, fostering rapid development, and delivering competitive vision products that resonate with the evolving landscape of industrial automation and embedded vision solutions.


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