Teledyne FLIR IIS Launches Imaging Solutions for Challenging Factory Automation

Teledyne FLIR IIS Spinnaker 4, the next-generation GeniCam3 API Software Screen on Laptop

Teledyne FLIR IIS, a player in imaging solutions, is taking a step in contributing to machine vision for demanding factory automation applications. In an era where industrial automation demands robust technologies to operate in challenging environments without compromising efficiency, Teledyne FLIR IIS is leveraging Teledyne’s imaging expertise, factory automation knowledge, and innovation portfolio to reshape the landscape of the factory automation market.

Teledyne FLIR IIS (Integrated Imaging Solutions), a subsidiary of Teledyne Technologies, is working on designing, developing, manufacturing, marketing, and distributing industrial-grade technologies aimed at boosting productivity and advancement. Specializing in machine vision, spherical imaging, and stereo-imaging technologies, the company delivers innovative sensing solutions. Teledyne FLIR IIS boasts a diverse portfolio catering to an array of applications across industrial, medical, geospatial, and advanced robotics markets.

Sadiq Panjwani, General Manager at Teledyne FLIR IIS (Image Credits: Sadiq Panjwani/LinkedIn)

Sadiq Panjwani, the General Manager at Teledyne FLIR IIS, says, “Teledyne FLIR IIS is committed to launching imaging technologies that will build the future of machine vision,” said Sadiq Panjwani, General Manager at Teledyne FLIR IIS. “We stay focused on enhancing customer experience to deliver best-in-class imaging reliability and performance – for both our industrial and non-industrial customers.”

The latest product releases from Teledyne FLIR IIS are engineered to perform under extreme conditions, ensuring constant reliability without compromising imaging excellence. Spinnaker 4 emerges as the advanced GeniCam3 API library tailored for machine vision developers seeking swift product evaluation, testing, and deployment, characterized by top-tier performance and reliability. The latest software release represents a stride in GigE camera performance and reliability, harnessing Teledyne’s decades-long expertise in delivering unparalleled machine vision GigE cameras globally. Rigorous testing of the camera system’s performance, including continuous operation with 40 GigE cameras for multiple days, demonstrated zero incomplete images. Impeccable image capture persists even under system CPU usage exceeding 90%, with intensive image processing and concurrent background applications. The software facilitates rapid camera detection, image processing, and a myriad of other capabilities.

Notably, intensive camera system performance testing has demonstrated exceptional results. Operating imaging systems with 40 GigE cameras continuously for multiple days exhibited no incomplete images. Even under the strain of pushing system CPU usage to over 90%, with intensive image processing and multiple background applications, flawless image capture was maintained. The software enables swift camera detection, image processing, and more, marking a significant leap in machine vision capabilities.

Another innovative offering from Teledyne FLIR IIS is the Forge™, the newest camera platform. Utilizing Spinnaker’s new software architecture, Forge is available in various camera models across multiple sensors. This platform is designed to streamline the development of robust and powerful imaging systems, offering flexibility in link speeds and the ability to surpass 5GigE performance while maintaining control over data transfer to the host.

These cutting-edge imaging solutions from Teledyne FLIR IIS signal a shift in the factory automation market, providing new options for best-in-class imaging reliability, quality, and performance. As the company continues to prioritize customer experience and technological innovation, these advancements are poised to set new standards in the realm of machine vision for factory automation.


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