CURD App – Curating Connections, One Reference at a Time

The CURD team at one of the events

In the vibrant industrial pockets of India, SME manufacturers craft products that encapsulate both tradition and innovation. Yet, in today’s expansive digital marketplace, many such jewels often remain concealed.

Visualise an SME in Coimbatore, renowned for its engineering brilliance, or a Jaipur-based enterprise crafting industrial textiles. Ponder over an electronics component SME in Bengaluru or a ceramic workshop in Morbi. Suppose a manufacturer of precision instruments in Pune or a specialty chemicals producer in Ankleshwar. These entities, despite their localised fame, historically have had their reach limited to local or regional clienteles.

Enter CURD, a revolutionary social media mobile app, crafted to propel these SME manufacturers onto larger stages in Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, and even farther markets like Europe and Southeast Asia, through interest-based feeds, genuine referrals, and authentic reviews & recommendations.

CURD is the brainchild of Ankit Baradia, a seasoned entrepreneur who has transitioned from the world of business to innovation. His journey from a jewellery entrepreneur to the creator of CURD is rooted in the real-world recognition that connections are gold for businesses, and referrals the most trusted currency. In his jewellery enterprise, a staggering 70-80% of business thrived on referrals. The pandemic only accentuated the importance of these genuine referrals, extending from businesses to personal needs. Recognizing a gap in the market—a lack of platforms dedicated to fostering genuine connections—Ankit envisioned CURD, a solution designed to bridge this gap, emphasising referrals, authenticity, and incentivized networking.

What truly sets CURD apart from behemoths like LinkedIn, Facebook, or even traditional offline networking avenues is CURD’s unwavering commitment to personalization and efficiency. The app is tailored for accessibility and daily engagement and does not require you to mark your calendar or travel miles; CURD is there for you every day, without any hassle.

Shweta Kamalia, Head of Business and Founding Team Member at CURD, elucidates the app’s significance for India’s diverse business ecosystem. “India’s MSMEs make up about 30% of our GDP. Yet, their distinct networking needs are often overlooked by global platforms. CURD seeks to remedy this, offering a platform for these enterprises to connect and flourish. CURD’s interest-based feed allows manufacturers to showcase their products and connect with sector specific enthusiasts & professionals. On the other hand, CURD’s referral mechanism allows manufacturers to be introduced to a host of potential clients by a person from their trusted network & CURD transforms every review received through it’s Trust Circle feature addition, to a testimony – a stamp of customer satisfaction.”

Shweta Kamalia, Head of Business and Founding Team Member at CURD

The ripple effect of the app’s approach is palpable – Think of an automotive parts manufacturer in Pune, impressing a firm in Chennai, which then recommends them to contacts in Southeast Asia or a steel manufacturer in Jamshedpur being endorsed by a construction firm in Kolkata. Such recommendations hold weight, crafting a network of trust and simplifying decision-making, says Shweta.

The ethos of CURD champions organic, shared growth underscored by the value of authentic referrals. It’s not about superficial connections; it’s about forging genuine partnerships, discovering synergies, and facilitating meaningful collaborations. And CURD doesn’t stop at connecting; it urges businesses to reward those who usher in valuable leads, thereby fostering a culture of mutual growth.

Reflecting on CURD’s participation in the Bombay Industries Association (BIA) Speed Networking Event in Mumbai, Kamalia states, “It felt like we brought a breath of fresh air. Even those deeply rooted in established networking circles saw the allure of CURD. The positive feedback, especially about our focus on authentic referrals and reviews, was overwhelming. We’ve returned, not just with contacts, but promising future collaborators, that we are genuinely excited to explore further.”

As CURD continues its pioneering journey, its clarion call resonates across the Indian business landscape, urging them to be part of a community where connections transcend digital nods, forging pathways to unparalleled tangible growth and prosperity.


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