IMTEX Forming Expects Nearly 40,000 Attendees This Year: Guru Prasath

Guru Prasath, Executive Director of Trade Fairs at IMTMA

The Indian Machine Tools Manufacturers Association (IMTMA) is set to host its premier event, IMTEX Forming 2024, at the Bangalore International Exhibition Centre (BIEC) in Bengaluru from January 19 to 23, 2024. As the event draws near, Guru Prasath, Executive Director of Trade Fairs at IMTMA, shares valuable insights about IMTEX 2024 in an exclusive interview with Machine Maker.

As a leading International Machine Tool and Manufacturing Technology Exhibition, IMTEX Forming 2024 has evolved into a more extensive and diversified showcase, presenting a compelling array of cutting-edge technologies all under one roof. The exhibition will highlight a diverse range of metal forming machine tools, with the manufacturing segment featuring a wide spectrum of technologies.

Guru Prasath discusses how IMTEX 2024 is influencing the future of manufacturing in India. He notes that the market size of the metal forming sector in India is currently around 5500 crores, reaching a record high. This marks a significant increase compared to previous years when metal forming production was approximately 2000-2200 crores.

In the fiscal year 2022-23, the market size has doubled, specifically in the context of the metal forming sector. It has been anticipated that the growth would continue at a compounded annual growth rate of about 10% for the next five years. Given the evolving market trends in the metal forming sector, IMTEX Forming has now become Asia’s largest exhibition of its kind, showcasing the latest advancements and developments in the metal forming and manufacturing industry.

Discussing the industry trends, he also highlights the growing prominence of near net shape manufacturing. In this context, the metal forming sector emerges as a key contributor. Additionally, the entry of electric vehicles is expanding the scope of emerging welding technologies. With this market scenario, the segregation of metal forming becomes a significant development in catalyzing the growth of this particular industry. This underscores the utmost prominence of IMTEX 2024.

The interview also provides in-depth insights into the diverse range of technologies to be exhibited at IMTEX 2024, encompassing die casting, tiles, molds, presses, laser welding, laser cutting, sheet metal forming, laser bending, laser stamping, and more. Mr Prasath notes that the current edition of the IMTEX Metal Forming Exhibition has already achieved record growth compared to last year’s exhibition. Considering the manufacturing segment and the economic backdrop associated with the metal forming industry, IMTEX Forming 2024 is poised to play a crucial role in the robust performance of manufacturing, with expectations for continued impact from 2024 onwards.

As the interview unfolds, insightful observations regarding the exhibitors participating in IMTEX 2024 have also been captured. Mr Prasath notes that the event will host over 625 exhibitors, representing a diverse cross-section of the manufacturing industry from nearly 20 countries. These exhibitors will play a significant role in IMTEX 2024, catering to vital industries such as aerospace, automobile, auto-components, defense, railways, electrical, and consumer goods. The event will see three group participations from Japan, Taiwan, and Germany. Notable international participants include Germany, Japan, Taiwan, the USA, the UK, and representatives from China in terms of dealers and distributions.

Group participations in IMTEX Forming will involve coordination by chambers or trade bodies representing the respective industries. For instance, the Japan Group’s pavilion is coordinated by JETRO or the Japan External Trade Organization, the German pavilion involving a smaller group of companies is going participate through the Indo-German Chamber of Commerce, and the Taiwan pavilion comprises companies organized by the Taiwan Association of Machinery Industries. Renowned international brands like TRUMPF from Germany and Amada from Japan will showcase their presence in IMTEX 2024 through their Indian subsidiaries.

Mr Prasath expresses optimism about the role of IMTEX in the digital manufacturing landscape. He highlights the central role that digital technologies now play in contemporary manufacturing, driven by a desire to enhance productivity, reduce production costs, and provide customization in minimal time. The sheet metal industry, for instance, is integrating digital technologies and robotics into its manufacturing processes to ensure safety and efficiency.

This transformative shift in manufacturing is reflected in IMTEX Forming 2024, where a dedicated section on digital manufacturing will be featured. Moreover, both domestic and international companies will showcase digital manufacturing solutions, incorporating robotics and Industry 4.0 into their machine tool technologies.

Discussing the anticipated visitor turnout, Mr Prasath has stated, “We are making every effort to make IMTEX Forming 2024 a pivotal event in the manufacturing industry. Our active engagement in marketing and PR activities is yielding positive results, evident from the positive reception on our YouTube page. We have confirmed participation from trade delegates representing key corporate entities, with an expectation of over 1,000 trade delegates. We anticipate a substantial attendance of nearly 40,000 visitors at IMTEX Forming 2024 this year.”


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