Empowering Industry: HANNOVER MESSE 2024 Fuels Sustainable Industrial Progress

Jochen Koeckler, Chairman of the Managing Board of Deutsche Messe AG (Image Credits: messe.de)

In the contemporary industrial landscape, the imperative tasks confronting businesses encompass enhancing competitiveness, safeguarding the climate, and fostering prosperity. Addressing these challenges necessitates the pivotal integration of innovative technologies. Exhibitors participating in HANNOVER MESSE are set to showcase cutting-edge solutions, illustrating how companies can optimize efficiency through the judicious utilization of automation, artificial intelligence, and renewable energies to attain these overarching objectives.

HANNOVER MESSE, one of the premier global trade fairs for industrial technology, is uniting companies in mechanical and electrical engineering, the digital sector, and the energy industry under the overarching theme “Energizing a Sustainable Industry.” Dedicated to shaping the future of manufacturing and energy supply, the event focuses on key topics such as Industrie 4.0/Manufacturing-X, energy solutions for industry, digitalization, artificial intelligence, machine learning, carbon-neutral production, and hydrogen and fuel cells. Complemented by conferences and forums, the forthcoming edition is scheduled for April 22 to 26, 2024, in Hannover, Germany, with Norway serving as the Partner Country.

Arno Reich, Senior Vice President of Trade Fair and Product Management at Deutsche Messe AG (Image Credits: Arno Reich/LinkedIn)

Jochen Köckler is the Chairman of the Managing Board of Deutsche Messe AG while Arno Reich serves as the Senior Vice President of Trade Fair and Product Management at Deutsche Messe AG. Mr Reich emphasizes the role of innovative technologies exhibited at HANNOVER MESSE in paving the way for a climate-neutral, high-performance industry. He acknowledges that companies require guidance on applying automation, AI, and energy management concepts, while also grappling with bureaucratic challenges and a shortage of skilled workers hindering growth potential.

HANNOVER MESSE 2024, themed “Energizing a Sustainable Industry,” aims to provide solutions to these challenges through a combination of new technologies, cross-industry collaboration, and a clear political framework. With more than 4,000 companies representing an integrated industrial ecosystem, the event showcases how automation, digitalization, and electrification can drive climate neutrality. Key industry trends highlighted at the fair include AI, carbon-neutral production, energy systems, Industrie 4.0, Manufacturing-X, hydrogen, and fuel cells.

Global technology giants such as Amazon Web Services, Bosch Rexroth, Google Cloud, Microsoft, Salzgitter AG, SAP, Schneider Electric, and Siemens, alongside small and medium-sized enterprises like Beckhoff Automation, EBM-Pabst, Festo, ifm electronic, igus, LAPP, Pepperl+Fuchs, Pilz, Q-CELLS, Rittal, Turck, and WAGO, showcase their solutions for a greener future. Prominent research entities like Bavaria Innovative, diverse Fraunhofer institutes, the Karlsruhe Institute for Technology (KIT), and Germany’s Ministry of Education and Research showcase the latest advancements in research and development. Additionally, more than 300 industrial startups actively contribute to the emphasis on fostering entrepreneurship and fostering innovation.

The popularity of green hydrogen grows as governments and companies invest in projects to decarbonize sectors such as manufacturing and transportation. HANNOVER MESSE features around 500 companies from the hydrogen and fuel cell industry, with over 300 participating in the group exhibit Hydrogen + Fuel Cells Europe. Norway takes the spotlight as the Partner Country at HANNOVER MESSE 2024, emphasizing its role in the green industrial transition. The theme, “Norway 2024: Pioneering the Green Industrial Transition,” focuses on the country’s plans for a low-carbon society and its contributions to renewable energy, carbon-neutral production, and green and digital solutions.

Ahead of the impending European elections in two months, the European Union asserts its presence as a robust economic alliance at HANNOVER MESSE. Ursula von der Leyen, the President of the European Commission, initiates the proceedings with an address during the opening ceremony on April 21. The EU’s agenda for the fair encompasses the “EU as Home of Decarbonized Industry” conference, providing a platform for industry representatives to engage with EU policymakers on crucial subjects like the Green Deal. Additionally, the European Commission Pavilion adds to the comprehensive display of the EU’s involvement and initiatives.

Addressing the persistent challenge of a skilled labor shortage in the industry, HANNOVER MESSE introduces YOUR FUTURE, a young talent initiative. Aimed at high school graduates, college students, and young professionals, the program encourages careers in AI, engineering, and robotics through employer meetings, guided tours, information on apprenticeship programs, and networking opportunities.


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