How India become Competitive in offering Precision Manufacturing to Global Market?


In the age of automation, precision manufacturing has become the new norm. Manufacturers are under constant pressure to maintain profitability despite the ongoing insistence on lower prices and faster time-to-market. Thus, it is very important to be time and cost-effective as it can add months of extra sales time and millions of dollars of additional revenue.

Precision manufacturing is the process of producing small and precise components which combine to form a complex product with the help of highly advanced and accurate machines like CNCs. At Sanco Dies and Moulds, we are providing precision moulds for customers who are looking to increase their production by adopting the latest technologies.

To get the best results for your production facility, it is important to invest in the correct infrastructure from the beginning of production. Adopting the latest technologies helps you develop products which are the best in both qualities as well as cost-effective. There are several advantages of investing in proper CNC and precision machinery:

Improved Production Speed

A well-developed infrastructure increases the production efficiency manifold by introducing automation and decreases the time-to-market for a particular product. Machines can create products much more quickly and accurately than humans can and can develop a consistent number of products being completed each day. When you produce products at a faster rate, you’ll have an edge over your competitors. You’ll be able to offer your products more quickly. In this fast-paced world, you want every advantage you can get.

Reduced Human Error

Human errors are often responsible for imperfect products or erroneous designs- all of which increase the cost of production and delay the time to complete production. With proper investment in high-precision machinery, you can minimise such errors increasing the reliability of your product. 

Increased Safety

Workplace safety is a major concern which can be properly addressed with the correct infrastructure. With proper safety measures in place, your production facility will have fewer chances of workplace injury and accidents are reduced.

When competing with globally renowned brands, such safety measures to ensure employee safety becomes quite important to increase the reputation of your brand.

Reduced Material Waste

As human error is reduced, that means there are no imperfect products. Moreover, precision machinery can use the materials it’s given efficiently. It will use the materials in a way that reduces the wastage of materials leading to lowered costs of production.

Improved Quality

Product Quality is a major area of focus for all manufacturers. To compete with well-established and reputed brands, there should be a compromise in the quality of your product.

However, conventional methods of production are not always able to provide the best solution. Thus, you require advanced machines and state-of-the-art infrastructure to compete with global brands.

At Sanco, we are providing manufacturing services for customers looking to increase their production or those who want to start production but are restricted by their financial capabilities. With our state-of-the-art tool rooms, we provide custom die and mould services to our customers with the best quality products and cost-effective production processes resulting in faster time-to-market.


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