Heatgen with their silent, powerful and reliable burners to participation in boiler exhibition 2022

Mr.Adinath Gore Director
Mr.Adinath Gore Director

HeatGEN specializes in making compact burners and spare parts which are highly efficient and eco friendly. The company envisions to go completely Make in India in coming 45 to 50 years, making their services more in expensive for their customers to avail.

Established in 2011, HeatGEN, with hardwork and compassion, is specialised in supply and service of compact burners and spare parts, which are tried and tested. Their burners are used in oven, boiler, textile and automobile industries. They believe in install and forget policy, to do so they constantly upgrade their products to make them better. 

Heatgen stage 1 Gas burner (HG 100)

In an exclusive interview with Machine maker, Shiwanjali Phule, the Admin of HeatGEN, said, “We are planning to go completely Make in India in 45 years. We are ISO certified company and we are climbing the progress stairs”

Sanjeev Nalawade, the Sales Head of HeatGEN reveals, “We used to work for Weishaupt Burners, and have 12 years of experience in this field.”

There are two directors of HeatGEN, wherein, the director Adinath Gore, mostly looks after the sales and Shashikant Naiker looks after the service team. Based on their experience in this field, the directors have tried to keep HeatGEN made in India as much as possible.

In order to follow the made in India vision, the highly qualified technical team of HeatGEN, based on their experience, are working on manufacturing new products in Industrial burners which functions up to the range of 100 KW to 550 KW. They are working hard on making the burners highly efficient and eco friendly. 

Sanjeev Nalawade further says, “Indians focus a lot on made in India products. Foreign materials take time in distribution and communication is always a slow process.”. He further quotes, “When there is made in India, then why look forward to foreign materials. India can be self-sufficient.” 

Shashikant Naiker

For now, according to Sanjeev Nalawade and Shiwanjali Phule, Heatgen is around 45-50% made in India. They still have German and Sweden products as well. HeatGEN planning to become completely independent in next 4-5 years, which they were working on which is slightly delayed. Due to pandemic they had to halt all their plans.

The make in India will be making the products cheaper and will be able to offer them to customers at low price.

Sanjeev Nalawade explains, “We started our company in 2011 and now we have a group of 3 HeatGEN companies, HeatGEN engineering systems pvt. Ltd. HeatGEN Technical Services, Heatgen Combustion pvt. Ltd. They all have a common website.”

“In the beginning, acquiring customers was little difficult, time was not sufficient. So, first we started with Germany product in Weishaupt burners and then with time we hired more employees and progressed in our field”, Sanjeev Nalawade narrates the hard work and the dedication of the company.

As HeatGEN engineering solutions, they have already participated in this exhibition before and will participate again in the Boiler and through this exhibition, they are looking forward to making new clients, new business enquiries and get more customers joined and satisfied.


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