Author: Shipra Sinha

Shipra Sinha is the Head of Marketing & Corporate Communication with Bangalore-based Light Mechanics. She works closely with Laser and Assembly Line Solutions for EV Batteries, Energy Storage, Automotive and Powertrain sectors. She is a very passionate professional working with the manufacturing sector, to promote them for the benefit of the evolving industry.

There are many challenges faced by the Indian battery industry in sourcing laser welding and assembly lines from China. Many customers have reported issues with service and maintenance contracts, poor quality components, and a lack of technical expertise among distributors. In this article, Shipra Sinha talks about overcoming Battery Assembly Challenges in India through local integration of Automated Laser Systems and Assembly Lines, and why it is time for the industry to shift towards a local supply chain that can provide personalized service and support. EV battery technology is evolving and improving dramatically at a very rapid pace as we…

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