Inferno DTU Announced Media Collaboration with The Machine Maker

inferno DTU
inferno DTU

The team of Inferno DTU is marching further in the sophisticated autonomous versions of UAVs. Raising the country’s awareness in this area further.

In a recent statement, Inferno, a project-based technical team under Delhi Technology University announced their media collaboration with manufacturing news platform, Machine Maker. Inferno DTU team is a group of student tech-wizards striving to introduce innovative excellence in the field of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs). The collaboration is predicted to bring the UAV technology awareness to a larger audience. 

DTU was founded in 2013 and its primary focus was in the area of Go-Kart car designing and manufacturing. After establishing their reputation as one of the best Go-Karting teams at the national and international level which earned them various accolades cementing their talent in the area. The latest being the first position in the Innovation Round of the International Go-Kart Championship (IGC) 2018.

The team is now working their brilliance in the field of UAVs. They built Delhi Technology University's first-ever fully functional Martian rover prototype, A.R.G.U.S. which ranked 6th in the Indian Rover Challenge 2019. From 2019 onwards they went on to further develop different brilliant rover technology. Now their rovers are competing globally in terms of excellence and establishing themselves as the global best. Their rover NOVUS will compete in the finale of the International Rover Challenge in March 2022 at Chennai.


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