Muvtons Castors Set to Showcase Innovative Drive Wheels and Castors at LogiMAT India 2024

Muvtons wheels and castors

Muvtons Castors, a leading manufacturer of castors and wheels, is poised to make a splash at LogiMAT INDIA 2024, scheduled for February 28th to March 1st at the Greater Noida Expo Centre. The event, organized by Messe Stuttgart India, presents a unique opportunity for Muvtons to showcase its cutting-edge product range and explore potential collaborations within the logistics and intra-logistics sectors.

Renowned for its commitment to superior quality and performance, Muvtons Castors offers a comprehensive range of wheels and castors designed to handle loads from 100 kg to 50 tonnes. Their diverse materials and configurations cater to a wide variety of industry requirements. 

What truly sets Muvtons apart is their unwavering dedication to quality, delivering tangible benefits like: Reduced push-pull efforts by 35-40%, Noise reduction of 25-30 decibels, significantly extended service life compared to non-engineered castors, and Protection for epoxy-coated floors. 

Established in 1977, Muvtons Castors has played a pivotal role in the mobility solutions industry. Their focus on caster and wheel manufacturing has been instrumental in facilitating the movement of heavy loads across industrial plants and beyond. Over the years, the company has continuously evolved, adapting to industry trends and embracing technological advancements.

Muvtons Castors’ participation at LogiMAT India 2024 centers around showcasing their extensive range of castors and wheels, with a particular emphasis on drive wheels and castors specifically designed for Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) and Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs). As automation becomes increasingly prevalent across industries, Muvtons aims to provide solutions that enhance the efficiency and reliability of these autonomous systems.

One of the key highlights at their stall will be a novel range of castors designed to minimize resistance, thereby reducing battery discharge and extending the operational life of AGV and AMR batteries. The lower coefficient of friction in Muvtons Castors ensures smoother motion, addressing a critical industry need for energy-efficient and high-performance mobility solutions.

LogiMAT India 2024 serves as a valuable platform for Muvtons Castors to connect with potential customers, industry participants, and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). The company aims to leverage this opportunity to establish new collaborations, share industry insights, and contribute to the collective advancement of the logistics sector.

Underscoring their unwavering commitment to quality, Mr. Davinder Jeet Singh, National Sales Head at Muvtons Castors, emphasized that all manufacturing processes are conducted indigenously. The company proudly carries the “Make in India” tag and exports its products to over 70 countries worldwide. 

Muvtons Castors has transcended borders, achieving remarkable growth across the globe. Their strong presence spans key continents like Europe, United States, Asia among many others. Their ability to meet the stringent standards of these diverse markets is a powerful testament to their dedication to quality and innovation.

As they gear up for LogiMAT India 2024, Muvtons Castors positions itself as a key contributor to the mobility solutions landscape within the logistics sector. With a focus on innovation, quality, and collaboration, the company is set to make a significant impact at theevent and further solidify its position in the global market.


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