Furnteck to unveil Cutting-Edge Energy-Saving Furnace Technology at GIFA 2023

Furnteck operates with the mission of helping the industry reduce its carbon footprint for a better tomorrow

“Furnteck Engineers, a pioneer in manufacturing energy-efficient furnaces, has announced its upcoming participation in the esteemed GIFA 2023 exhibition, slated to take place in Dusseldorf, Germany, starting June 12th, 2023. Boasting over a quarter-century of industry expertise, Furnteck has already reshaped the Indian market with its advanced furnace technology. Now, the firm is setting its sights on the global stage, aiming to expand its reach with groundbreaking technology.

Since its establishment in 1994 by the visionary Suresh Vispute, Furnteck has consistently upheld its mission to offer superior, energy-efficient furnaces, replacing the need for Indian users to rely on imported products. The company reached a pivotal moment in 2000 when it introduced the groundbreaking TOWER/ STACK MELTING FURNACE technology for aluminium melting. Entirely manufactured in India, this revolutionary innovation placed Furnteck at the forefront of the market as the first company to bring such advanced technology to Indian customers.

This TOWER FURNACE technology has had a transformative impact on the industry, reducing fuel consumption by a remarkable 40% and oxidation losses by nearly half for Indian die casters. This has resulted in significant cost savings within the industry. Since its debut, the technology has been installed over 500 times across India, marking Furnteck as an essential contributor to reducing the nation’s carbon footprint and making strides towards a cleaner, greener future.

From left: Girish Vispute and Suresh Vispute of Furnteck Engineers

Furnteck’s portfolio of products includes a diverse range of furnaces, such as aluminium melting and holding furnaces, recycling furnaces, and heat treatment furnaces. Each product is thoughtfully designed to be highly efficient and eco-friendly, aligning with their ethos of “HELPING INDUSTRY REDUCE CARBON FOOTPRINT FOR A BETTER TOMORROW.”

Participating in the prestigious GIFA 2023 exhibition, Furnteck is all set to display the exceptional capabilities of Indian-made technologies specifically crafted for the global market. Visitors can expect to see a showcase of the company’s signature products, including Tower furnaces, Recycling furnaces, Heat treatment furnaces, Chip melting furnaces, and more. Foundry accessories and project consultancy services will also be part of the presentation.

Speaking about India’s potential in the global arena, Girish Vispute, Executive Director of Furnteck, said, “With a wealth of talented engineers and skilled manpower available at a fraction of the global cost, India is a country brimming with growth potential. Coupled with our commitment to high-quality workmanship, we are in a strong position to help optimize global manufacturing costs.”

Furnteck’s participation in GIFA 2023 serves a multi-fold purpose. It allows the company to represent its process-oriented approach and expertise in designing and manufacturing world-class, energy-efficient furnaces to a global audience. It offers a fantastic opportunity to explore potential collaborations and partnerships to expand its global reach. Furthermore, the exhibition is an ideal platform for Furnteck to engage in productive conversations with visitors, share insights, and explore opportunities to help industries worldwide reduce their melting costs and make a positive environmental impact.

“Our technology not only reduces energy consumption but also minimizes the carbon footprint and operational costs, signalling a new era of sustainable and cost-effective solutions in the industry”, adds Girish. Furnteck invites all visitors, industry professionals, and potential partners to join them at GIFA 2023 to witness furnace technology’s future and explore collaborations that will drive sustainable growth and a greener future.


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