How the Dry Box from Advance Agro is Taking Food Preservation with Sustainability

Advance Agro Ripe Factory

Sustainability and industrial refrigeration sectors may not come in a single breath but with a clear science-backed vision, even that is now a possibility. Advance Agro Ripe Private Limited, a Pune-based company specializing in drying and dehydration machines, cold storage systems, and offering turnkey solutions for installing food processing plants has come a long way! 

It all started in December 2012, when Mr Sunil Bhat, the founder director of Advance Agro Ripe Private Limited decided to take the initiative of cold storage forward. The company had got the tag of private limited incorporated from being a proprietary concern, and this was a turning phase for them as well as for the entire food processing and preservation. 

Sustainable manufacturing was still not a phrase to trend in the market. Nevertheless, with a clear intention of contributing more to the food processing and preservation sector, he started. The purpose was to make a difference in the way food preservation happened till then in the commercial units. 

The company, Advance Agro has gained a reputation across the country for industrial refrigeration and for manufacturing heat pump dryers. Their flagship Dry Box range is their pride for more reasons than one. This can help in dehydrating the food and preserve fruits, foods, and medicines while conserving the heat and cooling. 

Following the principle of Scientific Drying and Dehydration Machines based on Heat Pump Dehumidification, the company has emerged as a manufacturing innovator for a reason! In this way of preservation, two keen aspects are taken care of. One is to ensure the environment is not damaged, and second, the quality of food is not tampered with. 

This means unlike the air conditioners, that expelled the hot air out into the environment, these Heat pump dryers from Advance Agro would retain the hot air. This is a great step towards protecting the earth and the environment in general from the heat. The biggest challenge any food processing or preservation unit faces is the loss of nutritional value of food. 

Many complain of the ways, the food might lose taste, aroma, or the actual nutritional content when one puts it through heat or cold storage preservation methods. In this case, however, one would not encounter any such issues. Food wastage is rampant across the world though and we can ensure they remain consumable for a long time to come as well. 

The best way to achieve this is by going for such processes of storage. As a company offering heat pump dryers for commercial use for a long time now, with the hybrid drying technology, the company, Advance Agro is just the perfect example of the Make in India initiative. 

With their 100% indigenous Close loop Dehumidification (heater-less) technology, along with a host of other drying technologies, they have put the principle to application across various domains. From using it for food and pharma industries, including ready-to-eat foods, spices and herbs, and more, the technology under the banner of Dry Box is something to talk about with pride. 

This said a compelling factor happens to be not using a heater for drying as the principle runs flatly on the dehumidification principle alone. This, therefore, reduces relative humidity by up to 10% and even reduces your electricity bills by a minimum of 60%. This again works in the favour of saving the environment. 

When we talk about sustainability in the manufacturing sector, we cannot ignore the impact of having a ZED Certification. Today, every company keen on making a positive impact on the environment boasts of this certification and even Advance Agro Ripe has become a Bronze ZED Certified company and this is just the feather on the already illustrious cap. 

As a company flaunting its Make in India initiative, they have already installed these heat pump dryers in several industrial establishments. Advance Agro has also helped in the turnkey projects for food dehydration as well. Along with that, they are already exporting their machines to the USA and South Africa. 

With such a track record, it is not surprising to note that this is just the beginning of an ambitious and visionary individual and a team that has its fundamental principles glued towards being sustainable. 


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