How HARTING Embraced Biogas for a Greener Future & Energy Independence?


In an era where sustainability and energy independence have become paramount, the HARTING Technology Group has taken a monumental leap towards securing its production processes and contributing to a greener planet. By investing in its own biogas plant, HARTING has declared its autonomy from fossil fuels at its Espelkamp facility and underscored its commitment to an environmentally sustainable and self-sufficient future.

In a bold move to counteract the challenges posed by the current economic policy landscape, the HARTING Technology Group has taken a significant step towards sustainability and self-reliance. HARTING has achieved independence from fossil fuels for heating and production processes at its Espelkamp facility by investing a substantial double-digit million amount in acquiring its biogas plant. This strategic decision showcases the company’s commitment to environmental stewardship and marks a pivotal shift towards securing its production chain against geopolitical uncertainties.

Philip Harting, CEO of the HARTING Technology Group, emphasized the importance of this initiative, stating, “We create production security for our customers, our employees, and the people in our region.” The backdrop of the Ukraine war and the subsequent supply crisis has highlighted the vulnerability of relying on external energy sources. The transition from propane gas, previously imported, to domestically produced biogas shows HARTING’s proactive approach to ensuring operational continuity and independence from unpredictable political developments.

Philip Harting

As an international technology group with global delivery obligations, maintaining uninterrupted production in Espelkamp and ensuring a secure energy supply at predictable costs have become paramount. The acquisition of the biogas plant in Hülsenbeke, Espelkamp, is a strategic move that aligns with the company’s production safety and environmental values. Unlike conventional practices, the biogas produced will not enter the natural gas network but will be utilized directly in Espelkamp through HARTING’s proprietary distribution system. Starting in 2024, the company will independently cover its process heat and local heating needs, making a significant leap towards grid independence.

This transition to self-sufficiency is crucial for HARTING, preparing it for potential future shortages and ensuring that costs remain manageable. The company’s ability to generate energy internally marks a significant milestone in its journey towards sustainable manufacturing and operational excellence.

However, this achievement is not without its frustrations. Philip Harting expressed discontent with the situation, pointing out the forced nature of this investment due to inadequate energy policies in Germany. He highlighted the opportunity cost of diverting funds from research, development, and innovation—critical to maintaining a competitive edge in the global market. This sentiment reflects the industry’s broader challenges in balancing immediate operational needs with long-term strategic investments.

Moreover, the biogas plant’s operation extends beyond the factory’s walls, contributing to the local community by heating the municipal swimming pool “Atoll” in Espelkamp. This aspect of the project illustrates HARTING’s holistic approach to sustainability, benefiting the company and enhancing the quality of life for the local populace.

The HARTING Technology Group’s venture into biogas production is a landmark initiative that encapsulates the company’s forward-thinking ethos. By prioritizing environmental sustainability and production security, HARTING sets a precedent for how companies can navigate the complexities of modern manufacturing landscapes. As the world grapples with the dual challenges of energy security and environmental sustainability, HARTING’s journey towards becoming a self-sufficient, green, energy-powered enterprise offers valuable insights and inspiration.


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