VISAIYON’s Innovative Electric Mobility Aims for Sustainable Future

The company's aim is to build and innovate leading-edge EV technologies that bring genuine value to its customers

Chennai-based VISAIYON Energies and Electromotors Private Limited, an exploratory company in the electric vehicle sector, took center stage at the G20 Shikhar Summit with their electric sustainable motor vehicles. The company’s aim is to build and innovate leading-edge EV technologies that bring genuine value to its customers.

VISAIYON is an ambitious electric mobility startup, that started in 2018 with envisions transforming the world through sustainable energy solutions. Founded by Balakrishnan Krishnan, Karuppanan, and Saravanan, the company’s idea is to become an excellent electric vehicle manufacturer that accelerates and drives the world through sustainable energy. The G20 Shikhar India Summit event proved to be an exceptional platform, providing valuable acquaintance and networking opportunities to further different startups’ journeys of innovation and progress. VISAIYON, a determined contender in the EV market, plans to soar to the summit, imprinting a mark on the electric mobility realm.

In an exclusive interview with Machine Maker, the CEO and founder, Saravanan Balakrishnan, shared insights into the company’s journey, “We are a group of six members from the same college who have known each other for almost 12 years. We have done a lot of projects during our college days and one of which is an electric tricycle for SAEINDIA’s EV competitions. So that is where the idea to build electric vehicles has been born. And later I worked for Airbus and Nissan, but always there was a thought in my mind to build something for society with my engineering. So that’s why we started with our own VISAIYON Energies and Electro Motors Pvt Ltd”

Founder Saravanan shed light on the company’s envisions, “We want to become a full-scale vehicle manufacturer. That is a huge vision. We have in our minds and we want to differentiate ourselves from the rest of the competition by concentrating on the technology side. We want to be a core tech company. That is our DNA. That is what we are focusing on. So, for three to four years down the line, you’ll see our vehicles on the road. And currently, we are focusing on the performance electric motorcycles category on power with 200-250 CC petrol variants. Later on, we will knock down and we will also address the mass segments.”

Reflecting on their participation in the G20 Shikhar Summit, Saravanan expressed immense joy in representing India among the G20 nations. “The experience at G20 Startup20 Summit is too good. It is actually a proud moment for us to be here representing India among the G20 nations. And it’s a great initiative from the G20 startup team as well. And we had got good exposure and networks to continue our journey ahead. So, it was great”, said Saravanan.

The G20 Shikhar Summit showcased the potential of VISAIYON Energies in shaping the future of electric mobility in India. With their unwavering commitment to technology and a passion for societal impact, the company is well on its way to becoming a driving force in the green transportation revolution. Their relentless zeal for engineering and dedication to sustainable energy propels them to evolve into a cutting-edge electric mobility enterprise, driving the world towards a greener and brighter tomorrow.


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