RUT3 Engineering Rolls Out Innovation for Inclusive Mobility at G20 Shikhar Summit

Suraj Ettam, Founder and COO at the G20 Shikhar Summit, 2023

At the significant G20 Shikar Summit, RUT3 Engineering Private Limited (REPL) created a splash with its trailblazing innovation in wheelchair mobility. RUT3 Engineering Private Limited, a Pune-based automotive manufacturing company led by visionary founders Mitesh Rasal, Suraj Ettam, and Shubham Sutar, has developed a game-changing suspension system integrated into wheels designed especially for wheelchairs.

RUT3 is an Indian Government Recognized startup functioning for building safe, cozy, and productive rides. Their innovative offerings have a profound influence, altering the way people perceive mobility. During the G20 Shikhar Summit 2023, the spotlight shined on startups as powerful drivers of economic growth and positive social change. With a focus on cultivating innovation and entrepreneurship, the summit aims to unlock the full potential of these dynamic enterprises, paving the way for a brighter future. RUT3’s mission is directed towards large-scale manufacturing of its product, ensuring unparalleled competitiveness on the global stage while maintaining absolute control over our cutting-edge innovations.

In an interview with Machine Maker, Suraj Ettam, Founder & Chief Operating Officer, explained the company’s commencement vision and the driving force behind their revolutionary suspension wheel product, “In one of our college events, we used to build a buggy from scratch. So, from that, we got the idea of the suspension system. There was another event where we had to make a hybrid tricycle; that time, we used spokes wheels, and we had to install the suspension system separately. During the event, we faced many issues there. From that idea and out of curiosity, we found that wheelchair users who are travelling or who are using wheelchairs cannot go outside, they have to stay at home, limiting their freedom and causing negative impacts on their mental well-being. Due to this, we thought to build a sound wheel suspension system for wheelchair users, which will help them a lot.”

RUT3 company also includes rim-integrated suspension for bicycles, two-wheelers, four-wheelers, and space rovers. The company aims to provide a smooth, continuous, affordable journey for wheelchair users to embrace boundless exploration without discomfort and emancipate them from confinement. Suraj highlighted, “Generally, common people cannot afford a wheelchair, as it is so costly. So, taking ordinary people’s mindset, we offer every wheelchair at a reasonable price so that they can afford it. We aim to bridge the gap between advanced technology and affordability, ensuring that individuals from all walks of life can benefit from their groundbreaking invention.”

Suraj shared the company’s future goals, “The company plans to collaborate with wheelchair manufacturers globally, providing them with their state-of-the-art suspension system as an integrated feature for their products. This strategic partnership will allow RUT3 products to reach a wider audience, benefiting countless wheelchair users worldwide. Our innovative suspension system holds the potential to transform the lives of millions of wheelchair operators, granting them the freedom and comfort they deserve.”

RUT3’s Engineering and Technology are leading the way with its groundbreaking products, proving that innovation knows no bounds. Their product replaces conventional wheelchair wheels with suspension wheels, offering an enhanced user experience. With their dedication to positively impacting society, they exemplify the spirit of progress and compassion that will shape a better tomorrow for us all.


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