Beyond Text: I’mbesideyou’s AI Revolutionizes Virtual Communication

I'mbesideyou's core technology involves the simultaneous analysis of various communication factors such as facial expressions, audio, transcripts, and body language using advanced AI algorithms.

Among the innovative startups that illuminated the G20 India 2023 Shikhar Summit, one company stood out for its groundbreaking approach to online communication. I’mbesideyou, a pioneering Japanese deep tech startup, is making waves with its cutting-edge technology that revolves around analyzing online communication using multimodal AI.

I’mbesideyou’s core technology involves the simultaneous analysis of various communication factors such as facial expressions, audio, transcripts, and body language using advanced AI algorithms. Their flagship product, Pulse, focuses on HR use cases, enabling precise analysis of team meetings and sales interactions to extract valuable insights related to mental health, employee performance, and potential turnover risks. This data-driven approach empowers HR professionals and business partners to make well-informed decisions, leading to improved employee well-being and overall organizational success.

The motivation behind I’mbesideyou’s journey lies in the global shift to remote work triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic. The sudden transition to remote work brought forth challenges like reduced transparency and black-box communication, hindering effective collaboration and productivity. In response to this, I’mbesideyou is dedicated to improving remote work environments by promoting transparency and fostering a conducive work culture, where employees feel connected and valued, regardless of geographical boundaries.

Co-founder Yasuhiro Nose shed light on their unique approach during an interview at the summit, stating, “Our core basic technology involves the simultaneous analysis of various communication factors using multimodal AI, such as facial expressions, audio, transcripts, and body language. This technology is applied to multiple use cases, with our main focus on HR use, particularly our product, Pulse. By analyzing online communication in team meetings and sales interactions, we identify essential factors for HR, such as mental health issues, employee performance, and the risk of turnover in a company. These insights are crucial for HR business partners to make informed decisions.”

He further explained the origins of the idea, stating, “We founded I’mbesideyou after experiencing the challenges of remote work during the COVID-19 pandemic. While remote work offers opportunities for global collaboration and diverse talent, it also brings about issues like black-box communication and reduced transparency. We wanted to tackle these challenges head-on and create a positive remote work environment, focusing on enhancing communication using our AI technology.”

Co-founder Naman Solanki also chimed in during the interview, elaborating on their future plans. “Currently, we have launched our platform called Pulse, catering to HRs. Apart from that, we have applications in education, mental health, and HR analytics. While we are already operational in Japan, we have also started making strides in India. Our short-term plan involves expanding further in India, identifying relevant problems, and devising solutions based on our advanced technology. In the long run, we aim to go global, reaching countries like the US and Europe, where the value of our technology will be significant due to the larger enterprise population and the need for efficient tracking and analysis.”

I’mbesideyou Inc stands at the forefront of AI-driven communication analysis, offering transformative solutions for the future of work. With their innovative product, Pulse, the startup is making strides towards enhancing remote work environments, fostering effective collaboration, and ensuring the well-being and productivity of employees worldwide. As they continue to expand their presence, I’mbesideyou envisions a world where technology empowers organizations to create a connected and thriving workforce, no matter the distance.


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