AIRTH exhibits Innovative AC Purification Technology at G20 India Shikhar Summit

With their air purification technology gaining momentum and garnering appreciation, the co-founders' vision of ensuring clean air for all seems to be on the path to fruition.

In a groundbreaking development to combat the growing concerns of air pollution and its severe impact on public health, AIRTH, a pioneering Indian company, showcased its revolutionary AC air purifier technology at the prestigious G20 India Shikhar Summit. The co-founders of AIRTH, Ravi Kaushik and Pushaan Singh, narrated their inspiring journey in crafting an affordable solution to the pressing need for clean air amidst escalating pollution levels.

The inception of this trailblazing idea took root in the city of Delhi, where the founders themselves witnessed the devastating effects of air pollution. With pollution levels soaring and the majority of people breathing unhealthy air, they were determined to make a difference. The World Health Organization’s (WHO) report showing that 99% of the population was living in areas with poor air quality only fueled their resolve further.

Pushaan Singh shared the motivation behind the idea, stating, “We live in Delhi, we see every day we’re facing air pollution. The sky has gone completely gray. In winters also, we face hazardous air pollution. Every year, people are suffering from asthma with allergies, and people are losing 5 to 10 years of their life and they’re not realizing it.”

Initially, AIRTH began its journey by manufacturing air purifiers, but they soon realized that conventional air purifiers were limited to usage during winters and were prohibitively expensive for many. Thus, they decided to create an air purifier module specifically designed to fit on top of split AC units. This innovative retrofit module would allow people to experience clean and healthy air throughout the year without breaking the bank.

Describing their product, Pushaan explained, “We developed this air purifier for the AC at just 2,000 rupees, which is easily available on Amazon. It’s a module that sits on top of your split AC. Whenever your AC is pulling air, it stops all the air pollution and protects you from PM2.5, PM10, dust allergies, pollens, germs, and viruses. We are having germ-destroying filters with antimicrobial properties that deactivate germs in real time, offering both protection from air pollution and disease transmission.”

Ravi Kaushik highlighted their three-year journey, saying, “It was very busy and challenging, definitely. We understood a lot about the market in these three years. Initially, we had made the product. It was a really efficient product, but we understood that there is a huge gap in the market. Now, we’ve understood from all our journey that this is the correct market fit for us and this is performing well. We have sold more than 900 units of these air purifiers for ACs now, and this has been a real confidence booster for us.”

The success of AIRTH’s air purifier technology lies not only in its effectiveness but also in its affordability, making clean air accessible to a wider population. The module’s ability to address the harmful effects of air pollution, particularly during the hazardous winter months, has been applauded by consumers and experts alike. The co-founders’ journey began at prestigious institutions like the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, and Foundation for Science, Innovation, and Development, IISc Bangalore. Their educational backgrounds and commitment to creating meaningful solutions have played a pivotal role in the company’s success.

G20 India Shikhar Summit witnessed the unveiling of this groundbreaking innovation, AIRTH has proven its dedication to improving public health and contributing to a cleaner environment. With their air purification technology gaining momentum and garnering appreciation, the co-founders’ vision of ensuring clean air for all seems to be on the path to fruition. As Ravi Kaushik and Pushaan Singh continue their inspiring journey, their commitment to cleaner breathing and healthier living remains steadfast, making AIRTH a shining example of technological innovation with a human touch. With more strides to be taken and greater heights to be achieved, AIRTH is undoubtedly a name to watch in the battle against air pollution and its adverse effects on humanity.


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