TAGMA Sets the Stage for the Grandest Die Mould India Expo Yet

Devaraya Manjunath Sheregar, President, TAGMA INDIA

The upcoming edition of Die Mould India, heralded as the foremost platform for unveiling cutting-edge innovations in the die and mould sector, is poised to be its most significant to date. Hosted by the Tool and Gauge Manufacturers Association of India (TAGMA), the 2024 event is anticipated to redefine standards within the industry, marking a milestone in its evolution.

TAGMA, the Tool and Gauge Manufacturers Association, is one of the prominent industry bodies dedicated to advancing the tooling and machining sector in India. It plays a pivotal role in promoting technological innovation, skill development, and international collaboration within the industry. The association represents a wide spectrum of stakeholders, including manufacturers, suppliers, and users of tools, dies, moulds, and gauges.

Through various initiatives such as seminars, exhibitions, and training programs, TAGMA fosters knowledge sharing and networking opportunities, driving growth and competitiveness in the Indian tooling industry. Committed to excellence and continuous improvement, TAGMA remains a trusted catalyst for the advancement of the manufacturing sector in India.

Set to run from February 14th to 17th, Die Mould India 2024 is on track to become the most extensive assembly of its kind, boasting over 300 exhibitors gathering across a vast area exceeding 25,000 square meters. This remarkable exhibition will showcase a wide array of state-of-the-art technologies, products, and solutions spanning various facets of the die and mould industry.

Attracting attention from around the world, Die Mould India expects to host representatives from more than 15 different sectors, with a strong contingent of over 50 OEMs and public sector units slated to participate. This unparalleled turnout underscores the event’s significance as a global hub for networking, collaboration, and pioneering advancements.

According to Devaraya Manjunath Sheregar, President of TAGMA, the upcoming Die Mould India 2024 marks a significant milestone for the industry, presenting a distinctive occasion for stakeholders to delve into the latest trends, share insights, and establish meaningful collaborations. As we observe remarkable advancements in technology and manufacturing methodologies, Die Mould India remains a pivotal force in fostering innovation and advancement.

The exhibition lineup at Die Mould India 2024 will encompass a diverse array of products and services, ranging from dies & moulds, press tools, and jigs to fixtures, gauges, and additive manufacturing 3D printing. Attendees can anticipate exploring a comprehensive spectrum of offerings, spanning from conventional manufacturing practices to state-of-the-art technologies that are shaping the industry’s future landscape.

In a remarkable display of commitment to propelling the tooling and gauge industry forward, TAGMA, the premier association in India championing this sector, showcases its unwavering dedication through Die Mould India. This event serves as a vibrant platform, embodying TAGMA’s mission to nurture progress, excellence, and collaboration within the industry.

The highly anticipated DMI 2024 has unveiled its standout features, including the exclusive B2B Pavilion. With an impressive forecast of over 35,000 visitors, this prestigious event is set to host representatives from more than 50 delegate companies, spanning over 10 countries. The diverse visitor demographic encompasses professionals from various sectors such as automotive, consumer goods, aerospace, toy makers, white goods, plastics, and packaging.


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