MISUMI to Promote Economy Series Standard Parts at MOLDEX India 2024

Satoshi Morishima believes the customer centric approach of MISUMI India is behind the success of their growth in India

Japanese multinational corporation MISUMI, specializing in manufacturing and distributing mechanical automation, press die, plastic mold, electrical, and industrial supply components, is gearing up for its participation in the much anticipated MOLDEX India 2024 exhibition in Bangalore. Recognized as a major event in the metalworking and plastic molding industries, MOLDEX India 2024, organized by Messe Stuttgart India, is set to draw noteworthy attention from professionals and experts.

Tracing back to its roots in 1963 in Japan, MISUMI has evolved into a global leader in standard components for Factory Automation, Press, and Die Moulds. Adapting to the evolving quality demands, their recent introduction of the Economy Series is making waves in the Indian market. The unique approach of MISUMI, operating as both a manufacturer and distributor, allows it to serve as a one-stop-shop, fulfilling customer specifications with a commitment to swift design work. With dedicated factories for individual product lines, MISUMI ensures reliable, high-quality products with on-time delivery. The company’s catalog provides comprehensive information, simplifying the product selection process for customers.

Talking to Machine Maker, Satoshi Morishima, the Managing Director of MISUMI India shared that the heart of MISUMI India’s success is a customer-centric philosophy. They understand the distinct needs of the Indian manufacturing landscape, shaping their solutions to meet these specific demands. By balancing operational efficiency with strategic partnerships, MISUMI navigates challenges while seizing opportunities for sustainable growth. Mr Morishima highlighted Japan’s focus on overall efficiency, checking and confirming if the total lead time is shortened or the total cost is reduced. His perspective aims to contribute significantly to the vision and strategy of MISUMI India.

MISUMI India is meticulously designed to streamline the entire product lifecycle, offering time-saving solutions from design conception to construction and ongoing maintenance. With a vast portfolio of over 20 million products globally catering to automation, press die, and plastic mold applications, MISUMI India stands out as the most comprehensive and user-friendly engineering resource. Its diverse offerings cater to industries such as automotive, medical equipment, consumer packaging, semiconductors, and more.

All-encompassing product information, including drawings, sizes, materials, and surface treatment details, is consolidated in a single catalog. This approach significantly reduces unnecessary machining costs for customers. Every product featured in MISUMI India’s catalogs is a direct result of customer ideas and needs. With a legacy of over 40 years, MISUMI India actively collaborates with customers, leading to the development of new standard parts each year. The company’s extensive range of components and user-friendly catalogs simplifies the product selection process, making it straightforward and efficient for customers.

Gaurav Nagpal, Regional Manager, MISUMI India Pvt Ltd, has provided insights into MISUMI’s participation in MOLDEX 2024, highlighting the company’s debut in the exhibition. In an exclusive conversation with Machine Maker, Mr Nagpal has outlined the items intended to be showcased in MOLDEX 2024, featuring press and mold items, along with automation products. Emphasizing customer time-value, Nagpal discussed the strategic placement of warehouses in Gurgaon and Bangalore, housing around 50,000 and 10,000 stock items, respectively. The company’s focus on expanding stock levels in India aims to facilitate quick dispatch, even on the same or next day, to support the industry effectively.

Addressing inventory availability, Gaurav stated that 70% of the total product range could be dispatched to customers within six days, including items imported from other countries. He differentiated between stock items available in Gurgaon or Bangalore and Made to Order (MTO) items tailored to specific orders. Mr Nagpal also highlighted the company’s commitment to free shipping across India, irrespective of item weight, offering free-of-cost surface freight and nominal charges for air freight. Regarding MISUMI’s stall at MOLDEX 2024, Mr Nagpal mentioned that visitors could explore new launches, such as the economy series, reflecting the company’s focus on featuring high-quality components at affordable prices. Alongside the economy series, MISUMI introduces new items in the Die and mold sections, catering to evolving preferences in a market where product life is becoming shorter.

As MISUMI gears up for the MOLDEX INDIA 2024 exhibition, the company anticipates a positive response and substantial footfall. The recently opened warehouse in Bangalore further underlines the strategic importance of the southern region for MISUMI’s business operations. Gaurav Nagpal also highlights the significance of Bangalore as a key market and emphasizes MISUMI’s status as a global commerce company.

MISUMI India’s success stems from its customer-centric philosophy, adapting solutions to meet the unique needs of the Indian manufacturing landscape. The company navigates challenges and pursues sustainable growth by balancing operational efficiency with strategic partnerships. MISUMI’s QCT (Quality, Cost, Time) model underscores its commitment to enhancing material procurement process efficiency, delivering high-quality products at competitive prices, and ensuring quick and reliable delivery, showcasing their dedication to valuing customers’ time and resources.

The MISUMI India team invites attendees to visit their stall at hall one, booth number 2A22, at MOLDEX India 2024 Exhibition, scheduled from January 19-23, 2024, at the Bangalore International Exhibition Centre. The exhibition provides a unique opportunity for MISUMI to engage with potential customers and industry experts, showcasing its expertise in engineering plastics solutions.


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