Success Mantra of Jayachandra Bearings: Prompt Delivery & Service Excellence


At PRECITECH 2023, Jayachandra Bearings India emerged as a beacon of progress with their 50-year legacy in pioneering industrial friction management. This ISO-certified company founded by Shri Palaniswamy today is an authority in the distribution of bearings, tools, lubricants, and belts, partners with top global brands to deliver unparalleled solutions across the industry spectrum.

Amidst the bustling innovation and cutting-edge displays at the inaugural PRECITECH – Precision Engineering and Machine Tool Technology Show 2023, Jayachandra Bearings distinguished themselves as a standout participant. The event, which took place from October 11th to 13th at the Autocluster Exhibition Centre in MIDC, Chinchwad, Pune, witnessed Jayachandra Bearings showcasing an array of products poised to revolutionize the manufacturing sector’s production capabilities.

The Jayachandra booth became a nexus of activity, drawing in a steady stream of visitors. Customers and industry partners alike were not just visitors but active enthusiasts, offering high praise for both the innovative solutions on display and the enduring impact of Jayachandra’s contributions to the engineering domain. Since its inception in 1973, Jayachandra has been at the forefront of delivering excellence. With a robust clientele that exceeds 7,000 across the nation, the company has consistently demonstrated unparalleled expertise in tailoring bespoke solutions that address the unique challenges of each customer.

During PRECITECH 2023, our editorial team from Machine Maker engaged with numerous customers and partners of Jayachandra Bearings. These individuals openly expressed their views on the collaboration and the significant influence it has on the industry. Lokesh Rudraiah from LR Bearings and Accessories praised their robust alliance with Jayachandra, lauding their comprehensive product lineup and stellar service that encompasses renowned brands such as NSK, IKO, and Timken. He attested to Jayachandra’s competitive pricing, reliable delivery schedules, and steadfast commitment to quality, which have solidified LR Bearings’ satisfaction and loyalty as a customer.

Jayachandra stands out for NSK Bearings: Vineet Mangrurkar

Vineet-Mangrurkar-Vice President-India-Industrial-Business-at-NSK
Vineet Mangrurkar

“Jayachandra has become an integral part of our distribution network, rising to become our foremost distributor in India. Their performance stands out remarkably, achieving the highest revenue growth for us nationally”, shared Vineet Mangrurkar, Vice President India Industrial Business, NSK Bearings. Established in 1973, Jayachandra has built a legacy of excellence, and they are distributing NSK Bearings nationwide.

He further added, “Over the past three years, they’ve accomplished an impressive growth rate of 40 to 50%. They have significantly broadened their reach, extending beyond their initial stronghold in South India to establish a presence in the Western and Northern zones, and they’re currently making inroads in the Eastern region as well. Their expansion strategy isn’t confined to a single area; instead, they’re scaling up alongside us, marking a nationwide growth trajectory that promises continued mutual success.

NSK, the Japanese multinational, boasts a robust presence in India, delivering a diverse array of products across two key sectors. In the industrial realm, NSK’s offerings include precision bearings, ball screws, and sophisticated machinery parts. For the automotive industry, their expertise extends to bearings, advanced steering systems, and automatic transmission components. Jayachandra Bearings has been pivotal to amplifying NSK’s business expansion on Indian soil.

Jayachandra Bearings: Championing Service Excellence

Arnav Dasgupta

Jayachandra Bearings, with a 50-year history, specializes in providing industrial friction management solutions. Catering to a wide client base of over 7,000 across India, the company has developed a proficiency in matching each client with the appropriate solutions.

Arnav Dasgupta, Sales Director & Head of Procurement at Jayachandra Bearings, emphasized the importance of timely service and delivery in their operations. “The pivotal factor here is service excellence and prompt delivery,” he remarked. “It doesn’t matter where our inventory is housed; what’s crucial is that it reaches our customers when they need it. It’s about harmonious teamwork, with each member contributing to the bigger picture. By focusing on these essential elements, we ensure that our service to customers is not just satisfactory, but exemplary.”

Jayachandra Bearings brings simplicity and effectiveness to the forefront of their service offerings. They are dedicated to improving your production efficiency, providing expert support during installation, and enhancing after-sales service and optimization. Additionally, they place a strong emphasis on empowering your teams with on-site training, ensuring every client gains the full benefit of their industrial solutions for smooth and efficient operations.


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