GrindingHub 2024 at Messe Stuttgart: A Must Visit for Cutting Tool Manufacturers


GrindingHub is gearing up for its second edition, welcoming grinding experts worldwide from May 14 to 17, 2024. The event, held in Stuttgart, will showcase the latest grinding technology solutions from over 460 exhibitors representing 31 countries. This year, the exhibition will span four halls, a first in its history.

The GrindingHub 2024 is scheduled to take place in Stuttgart from May 14 to 17, 2024, marking its second occurrence in the city. This event is held biennially and is organized by the VDW (German Machine Tool Builders’ Association) in Frankfurt am Main, in collaboration with Messe Stuttgart and the Schleiftagung, alongside the “Machine Tools” industry sector of Swissmem (Association of the Swiss Mechanical, Electrical, and Metal Industries) as its institutional patron.

Within Germany’s machine tool industry, grinding stands out as one of the top three manufacturing processes. According to official statistics, the sector generated machines valued at 964 million euros in 2022, with 74 percent of these being exported, and approximately half of the exports going to Europe. China, the USA, and Italy are among the largest sales markets. Globally, China, Japan, and Germany are at the forefront of the rankings in grinding technology production.

In 2022, the international grinding technology sector manufactured machines worth 5.5 billion euros. Beyond showcasing technical products and innovations, the event will delve into broader industry topics, as highlighted by Dr Markus Heering, Managing Director of the organizer VDW (German Machine Tool Builders’ Association). He emphasizes the industry’s focus on automation, digitalization, skills shortages, new markets, and nurturing young talent.

As a pivotal meeting point for the grinding technology sector, GrindingHub aims to provide a platform for knowledge exchange and information gathering. With the increased number of exhibitors, a diverse supporting program, and enhanced international and sectoral representation, the event is poised to meet these goals successfully.The trade fair concept at GrindingSolutionPark Science and the Startup Hub is evolving with both familiar elements and new innovations.

Highlighting the latest trends, the event fosters strong connections between industry and research. A key focus is on inclusivity, welcoming smaller companies and startups. The Startup Hub provides an ideal platform for these innovative ventures. In a new development, Swiss companies will have a collective presence for the first time. This is significant as the Swiss market is crucial for grinding technology, offering exhibitors a preview of the GrindingHub and a chance to showcase their offerings under their national flag to visitors.

Another key focus will be on the digitization of manufacturing processes, featuring a live demonstration of umati. Umati is a collaborative initiative between VDW and VDMA aimed at achieving global data connectivity. Several exhibitors will be connected to the umati dashboard, easily identifiable by the unique sticker on their machines. The event’s agenda also includes the Specialist Forum (Fachforum) at Stand E80 in Hall 10, offering a platform for exhibitors to deliver presentations.

These 20-minute live presentations will provide firsthand information about the latest developments in grinding technology to the audience. GrindingHub is committed to meeting the needs of the next generation by addressing the shortage of skilled workers and fostering young talent through its “Grinder of the Year” competition. This competition will assess the theoretical knowledge and practical grinding skills of young talents from Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

In addition to the prestigious “Grinder of the Year” 2024 title, winners will also receive training vouchers worth up to 3,500 euros. Finalists from the initial round will showcase their skills live at the GrindingHub event in Stuttgart. “We’re thrilled to showcase more facets of the grinding process chain compared to our first event, with a greater number of exhibitors, enhanced international presence, and a wider array of products. There’s evident growth across all key aspects compared to the 2022 premiere,” notes Martin Göbel, Head of Trade Fairs at the VDW.

By February 23, a total of 461 exhibitors had registered, marking an increase of 85 companies from 2022. The surge in participating companies and exhibition space requirements has necessitated the opening of a fourth hall. Beyond just the numbers, visitors can anticipate a more diverse international presence. Exhibitors will hail from 31 countries, which is eight more than the last event. The top five countries represented, led by Germany (210 companies), also include Switzerland (62), China (43), Italy (37), and Japan (15).

Consequently, the VDW anticipates a rise in Asian visitors following the lifting of coronavirus-related restrictions in the region. Exhibitors from a diverse range of industries, spanning 40 sectors, are showcasing their products at the event. These sectors include equipment for grinding, polishing, and honing, as well as cylindrical and non-cylindrical grinding machines, and cooling and lubrication systems.

The segment for grinding, polishing, and honing products has seen impressive growth, registering nearly 120 percent. The top 5 sectors featured at the event are cylindrical and non-cylindrical grinding machines, grinding machines for cutting and machining tools, machines for lapping, polishing, and honing, and surface grinding machines. Grinding stands out as a crucial step in metalworking, marking the conclusion of nearly every production process.

It ensures precise surface finishes and dimensional accuracy, making it pivotal in determining the durability and functionality of various end products. Moreover, grinding technology plays a significant role in enhancing energy efficiency by reducing energy losses and promoting environmental friendliness through decreased emissions. In 2022, the global production value of machine tools reached 80.4 billion euros, with grinding technology contributing around 7 percent, totaling 5.5 billion euros.

This represents a notable 14.9 percent increase from the previous year, while the proportion has remained relatively stable. China, Germany, and Japan stand out as some of the most productive manufacturers globally. Nearly one-third of all grinding machines originate from Germany, Switzerland, or Austria. What stands out is that nearly half of all grinding machines are made in Asia, underscoring the region’s significant role as a major global producer.

However, when focusing on grinding, honing, lapping, and polishing machines, the largest markets are China, the US, and Germany. In 2023, the Chinese sales market was particularly appealing for German exports, leading by a significant margin, followed by the US and Italy. Key suppliers for the German market included Switzerland, the Czech Republic, and China.

Asia dominated more than half of the global market in 2022, showing the region’s highest demand for grinding machines globally, ahead of Europe and America. “GrindingHub 2024 will once again offer trade visitors a comprehensive firsthand experience of the entire grinding technology sector. The trade fair mirrors the industry’s internationality and diversity, presenting an excellent platform to establish cross-border contacts and explore new markets,” summarizes Dr Markus Heering.


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