ASIABRAKE 2024 Unveils Groundbreaking Insights and Discussions on Future of Mobility

Dr. Hanif Qureshi, Additional Secretary, Ministry of Heavy Industries, Government of India along with Mr. Kuldip Singh Rathee, CMD, ASK Automotive Limited and Advisory Board member

ASIABRAKE 2024, the 10th Annual Conference & Exhibition, kicked off at The Leela Ambience Gurugram, Delhi NCR, India, drawing together key figures, specialists, and enthusiasts to delve into the latest advancements and trends in brake systems engineering. The ASIABRAKE 2024 event offers an insightful exploration of the changing landscape of automotive technology.

Among the attendees at ASIABRAKE 2024 were prominent OEMs and component manufacturers from both domestic and international markets, including Maruti Suzuki India Limited, Brakes India Private Limited, Brembo Brake India, and Hitachi Astemo India Ltd. During the opening speeches, Kuldip Singh Rathee, Chairman and Managing Director of ASK Automotive Limited and Advisory Board member of ASIABRAKE, set the stage for an engaging discussion on the direction of mobility in the Indian market. He expressed, “As we celebrate India’s impressive economic growth, ASK Automotive serves as a testament to innovation in the automotive sector, holding a substantial 50% market share in 2W Advanced Braking Systems.”

He added, “Embracing sustainability and technological progress, we take pride in leading the way towards a future where mobility is limitless. Our strong in-house R&D and design capabilities allow us to anticipate and embrace technological changes, ensuring our leadership in the EV, Commercial Vehicle, and Passenger Vehicle segments.”

Aman Rathee, Executive Director at ASK Automotive Limited and General Chair, Steering Committee, ASIABRAKE

Aman Rathee, Executive Director at ASK Automotive Limited and General Chair of the Steering Committee at ASIABRAKE, added, “I am excited to welcome you all to the 10th Annual ASIABRAKE Conference & Exhibition. This year’s agenda covers a wide range of topics, from business and strategic planning to cutting-edge technological advancements.”

With a lineup of over 20 expert speakers and more than 50 sponsors, this conference promises to be a remarkable blend of technology and commerce, Rathee added. Dr Hanif Qureshi, Additional Secretary at the Ministry of Heavy Industries, Government of India, underscored the importance of the occasion in his keynote address.

The day began with a series of dynamic discussions led by influential figures in the automotive industry. Dr Tapan Sahoo, Executive Director of Engineering Research, Design & Development at Maruti Suzuki India Limited, led an engaging panel titled “Future of Mobility in India: OEM.”

He discussed the emerging era of mobility in India, focusing on the ACES paradigm—Autonomous, Connected, Electric, and Shared—that is reshaping the industry. He emphasized the need for affordable, connected, and environmentally friendly mobility solutions, particularly in the context of the push for electric two-wheelers and safety norms.

Following this, a diverse panel discussed “Current Market Trends for Electric, Hybrid, and ICE Vehicles,” bringing together experts from around the globe. Dr Theo Grigoratos from the JRC of the EU Commission, Dr James Fash from Zoox, USA, Thomas Feng from Link China, and Boon Teeraprawatekul from the Thailand EV Association highlighted the increasing shift from ICE vehicles to EVs and its growing adoption in their respective regions.

During the panel titled “Emerging Market Trends in India: Tier 1,” M P Raajha, Regional Director of the Brake Business Unit at Hitachi Astemo India Ltd, Kark Sankarnarayan, Vice President of Marketing at Brakes India Private Limited, and Naveen Sahni, Sales and Technical Operating Director at Brembo Brake India, discussed the industry’s shift towards carbon neutrality and safety advancements.

They emphasized noise-free solutions and the increasing importance of sustainability in automotive operations, leading to a rise in the adoption of electric vehicles across various segments. ASIABRAKE 2024 provided attendees with a networking opportunity and a chance to explore innovative solutions presented by industry leaders through an exhibition setup, fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing among participants.


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