How UNNATI can transform Indian Youth towards Sustainable Employability?

Unnati NitiAayog
Unnati NitiAayog
  • The 35 Day Program UNNATI by Government of India is expected to empower the youth in India towards employment
  • The new initiative of the Modi Government is expected to integrate multiple job portals with Unnati App/ platform
  • Niti Aayog is driving Unnati which is expected to empower 20 crore blue and grey collar workers

The Narendra Modi government has time and again taken several initiatives aimed at transforming India into a digitally powered nation. Spread over 35 days Unnati is a vocational training and social transformation program, mainly designed for the students falling in the age group of 18-25, who is from the less privileged section of the society. The students from economically poor background often end up being unemployed due to lack of skills required for a job, and Unnati attempts to address this challenge the country is facing. The journey from employment to development gets completed with the program ‘Unnati’ being a bridge between the two.

One of the initiatives in Niti Aayog’s Unnati is the integration of multiple job portals in one digital platform/ app. This move is taken following the extreme distress faced by migrant workers due to the COVID19 pandemic. The new platform aims to bring both job seekers and job providers on a single platform and under one umbrella. Through Unnati, it is attempted to provide job seekers with a means of livelihood in their native states. 

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in one of his meetings with experts, stated that the focus should be mainly on easing the harsh impact of the COVID19 pandemic on the migrant workers. “The platform can unlock aspirations & help educate job seekers about available opportunities, while also upskilling them”, said PM Modi. The aim is to help workers stabilize in their city of employment and prevent their migration. The program should necessarily attempt to provide upskilling opportunities to these workers, besides education and other benefits. Furthermore, the PM has suggested the expansion of the scope of the platform so as to include diverse worker requirements across the globe.

The program helps students become well equipped for a job by imparting training in areas like life skill values, spoken English, computers and vocational skills. The students are offered a guaranteed placement at the end of the training with all the social-securities like PF & ESI. The well-performing students depending on their skills and qualification can land up their dream jobs in Indian multinationals.

A truly global product, Unnati is a state-of-the-art tech platform aimed at livelihood access for 20 crore blue and grey collar workers.

The platform can unlock aspirations & help educate job seekers about available opportunities, while also upskilling them: PM @narendramodi

— NITI Aayog (@NITIAayog) August 11, 2020

As a part of the Unnati program, the students are taught about various subjects through different online or e-learning portals. The program which includes 300 hours of training is designed with exclusive content as well as 600 video clips. This rigorous preparation is expected to be translated into a good performance in the interview by the candidate which in turn results in increased chances of securing a job.


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