Simple Way towards a Sustainable Tomorrow; NORD India’s Go Green Mission makes Greater Impact on Environment   

  • On Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam’s 89th birthday, NORD India celebrated  by planting a tree at their campus 
  • NORD’s environmental activities are part of its ambitious Go Green Mission which was started five years ago
  • NORD India’s Go Green Mission includes dedicated energy efficiency, zero discharge, and afforestation programme 

Often it is simple to do difficult things but it is difficult to do simple things at our end, simply because of ignoring simplicity anyhow as a standard”, comments P L Muthusekkar, Managing Director of Nord India Private Limited.

P L Muthusekkar

NORD India, part of the global leader NORD Drivesystems, has been an exception by taking the route of executing simple ideas with a greater impact on its environmental activities. Right from energy-efficient practices to expanding greeneries, NORD, under the leadership of P L Muthusekkar, follows the simple yet inspiring way of spreading goodness to people and the environment.  

Celebrating Man of Simplicity: Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam

Dr. APJ Abdul, the father of India’s nuclear science, and former President of India has been an inspiration throughout his life not only for his acme of success and achievements. What can be more apt than taking another such major step towards a greener future celebrating the birth anniversary of Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam, who himself was an epitome of simple living but high thinking?

On this 15th October, NORD India took this opportunity this year to celebrate commemorate the birthday of Dr. Kalam whereby NORD India employees led by Mr. Muthusekkar participated in a tree plantation program and planted 100 trees. In conversation with the man on lead, P L Muthusekhar, Managing Director, NORD India, explained the companies vision for a sustainable future and its initiatives under the Go Green mission. 

Go Green Mission: Zero Discharge & Energy Efficiency

NORD’s environmental activities are part of its ambitious Go Green Mission which was started five years ago. The mission starts from its product development, processes to its targeted activities for the environment. The company continuously works on improving energy efficiency. Every product it uses at the plant is energy efficient.

“We use variable frequency drives so that our climatic control can be done automatically. Even the air handling equipment for the plants is controlled by variable frequency drives. Thus depending on the number of people, an adequate number of fans and lights are used giving substantial energy savings. We use sensor-based LED lighting throughout the plant,” Mr. Muthusekkar said. 

The zero-discharge target is a major area of NORD’s Go Green Mission. The company has sewage treatment plants and waste management plants by which it ensures that no waste or harmful substance is discharged outside. Even in its paint shop, too, the company uses aerolak paints which with our recirculation system. 

Plant a Tree, Save Future

 One of the major activities of NORD’s Go Green Mission is the dedicated tree plantation program. “We are planting as many as possible trees both within the factory as well as outside the factory,” said Mr. Muthusekkar. Every year NORD India plants more than 100 trees both within and outside the factory. Besides, whenever a visitor comes the company employees ensure that a tree is planted and also the guest gifted with a sapling as part of its Go Green Mission.  

“Every year we connect back with the guest who planted trees in our campus with its photos, a way they keep connecting bak with us. Sometimes when there is a chance we go to the guests and also to our customers with fruits from these trees planted in our campus which includes guava, pomegranate, sapota, etc. So, our initiative starts with simplicity yet spreading goodness and smile to everyone,” added P L Muthusekkar.  

 Sustainable Expansion: The Lifeline of Nord India 

NORD India made a strategic expansion last year at Hinjewadi in Pune with a target to raise capacity for the growing Indian market. It was NORD India’s third expansion project in India. Jutta Humbert, Managing Partner of NORD Drivesystems Group, P L Muthusekkar, Managing Director of NORD India were present at the inauguration occasion on the inauguration ceremony held on 22 November 2019.

What makes this event so interesting for Nord is that, at the beginning of the expansion of the new facility, they had to remove a tree. The easiest way was to cut it down. But NORD took a simple yet different way which made all the difference to its approach to sustainability. The tree was uprooted and was replanted in the vicinity and the tree is alive and healthy even to date. “Every time it’s not about spending crores and talking big things, even small, small steps and initiative can make a big difference. In our company we take each and every small thing and do it purposely,” sums up Mr. Muthusekhar. 

NORD India is one of the leading players with new innovative product and service solutions in the field of drive technology. It has an installed capacity of 42,000 geared motors per year plus a 22,000 electrical motor assembly. For more details visit


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