Markforged & Phillips for India: Revolutionizing Manufacturing with Additive Solutions

Richard Elving is the Sales Director of APAC Region of Markforged, and he visited India to attend IMTOS 2023 exhibtion with Phillips Machine Tools

In a rapidly evolving manufacturing landscape, additive manufacturing (AM) has emerged as a game-changer, revolutionizing the industry with its capabilities for rapid prototyping, complex production, customization, and cost-effective manufacturing. Phillips Additive, a division of Phillips Machine Tools, has partnered with global leader Markforged to bring innovative additive solutions to Indian manufacturers.

The challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, including supply chain disruptions and rising costs, prompted manufacturers to seek alternative opportunities. Additive manufacturing emerged as a viable solution for reinventing the manufacturing process, offering flexibility and on-demand production capabilities. During our interaction with Richard Elving, Senior Director for the APAC region of Markforged, at the India Machine Tools Show (IMTOS) 2023, we gained valuable insights into the transformative power of additive manufacturing and its role in reshaping the manufacturing sector.

The Shift towards Additive Manufacturing

Richard Elving highlighted the significance of Markforged’s additive manufacturing solutions in enabling manufacturers to produce parts swiftly and efficiently, empowering them on their journey towards innovation. “The COVID-19 pandemic posed significant challenges for manufacturers, with difficulty obtaining parts due to supply chain issues and rising costs. This led manufacturers to explore new opportunities, and additive manufacturing emerged as a process for reinventing manufacturing,” said Richard Elving.

Richard Elving with the Phillips Machine Tools team at IMTOS 2023

He added, “Leveraging Markforged’s additive manufacturing solutions, manufacturers can produce any parts anytime. We are happy to empower Indian manufacturers on this new journey.” He adds, “When it comes to new technologies, additive manufacturing is evolving quickly. What matters is the software, the heart of AM, and we at Markforged are constantly working to bring the best out of it. We recently launched our subscription services, through which customers can simulate, test, and verify parts long before they are printed. This will help customers reduce manual testing, and save time and money,” shared Richard Elving.

Metal Binding Additive Manufacturing Machine – The Breakthrough

“This new machine is available for the Indian market. We are also continuously developing our existing Markforged machines, innovating to perform better. With Markforged, manufacturers can build components faster, cheaper, and lighter,” added Richard Elving. The recent introduction of the PX100 Binder Jetting system with Jet Technology marks a significant milestone in additive manufacturing. This groundbreaking machine unlocks high-volume metal production at the point of need, enabling the manufacturing complex, production-grade parts.
Markforged at Hannover Messe 2023

“India is a robust and critical market for Markforged, and we will continue to invest in local resources and partnerships. The ‘Make in India’ movement is a great initiative, and institutions in India are embracing Markforged technologies. We will continue to invest in India,” shared Richard. The partnership between Markforged and Phillips Machine Tools, a leading manufacturing solutions technology provider, holds immense potential for promoting adopting the latest manufacturing technologies among Indian manufacturers.

As additive manufacturing continues to shape the future of manufacturing, Markforged and Phillips Machine Tools are at the forefront, driving innovation and empowering Indian manufacturers with cutting-edge solutions. Richard Elving’s vision for reinventing manufacturing through 3D printing aligns perfectly with the goals of “Make in India.” In the bustling IMTOS 2023 exhibition, at Phillips Machine Tools stall, Richard Elving’s visit to promote the Markforged innovations captures the spirit of curiosity and innovation, symbolizing the boundless possibilities that additive manufacturing brings to the manufacturing landscape.


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