TSE´s Agricultural Canopies: PcVue at the Heart of a System of Photovoltaic Shades

TSE- Canopee-agricole- Amance

In an era dominated by the pressing need for sustainable energy sources, TSE, a leading independent player in solar energy in France, has emerged as a pioneer in addressing this challenge. With a focus on transforming solar energy into electricity, TSE introduces an innovative solution called agrivoltaics, which seamlessly integrates renewable energy sources with agricultural crops.

The concept behind agrivoltaics is simple yet ingenious. By installing photovoltaic panels on barn roofs and other agricultural structures, TSE enables farmers to produce their own energy without compromising their agricultural production. This integration with the grid in rural environments provides a cost-effective way for farmers to harness renewable energy, contributing to emission reduction and combating energy insecurity.

TSE’s expertise lies in supporting their customers and partners in building complete value chains for solar power stations and agrivoltaics solutions. From initial design to financing, construction, supervision, and operational management, TSE ensures a comprehensive approach to sustainable energy generation.

In a significant milestone for TSE, the company inaugurated its first agrovoltaics pilot site in Amance, France in 2022. Spanning across 3 hectares, the site features a photovoltaic shading system with a capacity of 2.4 MWp. To put it into perspective, this capacity is equivalent to the power consumption of a community of 1,350 inhabitants. The photovoltaic shading system is ingeniously installed on large-scale crops such as soya, wheat, forage rye, winter barley, and rapeseed.

The decision to implement the agricultural canopy in Amance arose from the farm’s production limitations. Enduring scorching hot and arid summers for over a decade, the agricultural canopy, developed by TSE, became the farmers’ preferred choice due to its rotating shades. These shades effectively mitigate the impact of climatic conditions during the summer season by lowering the temperature under the shade, fostering an ideal environment for agricultural production.

The agricultural canopy consists of a large shading structure equipped with solar panels featuring tracker systems fixed on cables suspended 5 meters above the fields. Additionally, a sophisticated supervision system controls the panel orientation based on weather conditions and automates the acquisition of operational data, ensuring optimal performance.

To implement the SCADA (Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition) system, TSE’s Data & Optimization Division selected the PcVue platform after a thorough market study. The PcVue platform stood out among competitors due to its comprehensive control, ease of development, dedicated solar solution, and exceptional technical support.

The supervisory system on-site manages an extensive database of 25,000 data points. With an optimized display, operators can quickly identify and address alarms, facilitating prompt problem resolution. The architecture features a central controller with PcVue acting as the data acquisition server, establishing seamless connectivity with all solar transformation equipment and multiple Network Control Units (NCUs) for the control and tracking of each of the 612 solar tables comprising the canopy structure.

TSE has partnered with the Ecole des Mines, of PSL Research University, to collaborate on photovoltaics-related research. The company conducts extensive research and development internally, including rigorous testing to ensure the durability of the photovoltaic station, accounting for factors such as cable tension and potential erosion of the cradle system.

The Amance pilot project serves as a nine-year demonstrator for TSE, marking a significant milestone in their commitment to sustainable energy solutions. With three similar projects under construction and an additional 12 pilot projects in the development phase, TSE’s impact on solar energy is set to grow exponentially in the coming years.

TSE’s PcVue platform offers partners and end-users the opportunity to develop applications that integrate the latest technologies. By leveraging technical expertise and diverse market experience, TSE aims to reduce production costs and enhance productivity, contributing to a greener and more sustainable future.

As the world grapples with the urgent need for sustainable energy sources, TSE’s agrivoltaics solution presents a promising path forward. By harnessing the power of the sun while preserving agricultural productivity, TSE is at the forefront of revolutionizing the energy landscape, driving us towards a more robust and sustainable future.

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