Telangana Government Reveals Plans for a Specialised AI Hub


During the address delivered at the joint legislative assembly, the government of Telangana extended an invitation to both global and national technology enterprises, urging them to consider establishing regional artificial intelligence (AI) hubs in Hyderabad, thereby solidifying the city’s status as the premier AI capital of the nation.

The Telangana government has set its sights on an ambitious endeavor: the establishment of a dedicated AI city sprawling across a substantial expanse of 50 to 100 acres of land. This bold initiative, unveiled during the State Governor Tamilisai Soundararajan’s address to the joint legislative assembly, aims to elevate Hyderabad to the esteemed status of the nation’s AI capital.

Central to this grand vision is the concerted effort to entice both global conglomerates and domestic technology firms to establish their regional Artificial Intelligence hubs within this burgeoning city. Governor Soundararajan also unveiled a pivotal aspect of the project: the proposal to enshrine internet access as a fundamental right.

This groundbreaking move underscores the telangana government’s commitment not only to cultivate robust digital infrastructure but also to ensure its equitable accessibility and affordability across all strata of society. Embracing inclusivity as a cornerstone principle, the telangana government is poised to launch an extensive digital literacy campaign designed to empower every household, thereby enabling them to leverage the manifold benefits of the swiftly evolving digital landscape.

The forthcoming comprehensive digital literacy initiative exemplifies the state’s unwavering dedication to bridging the digital divide and fostering a climate of inclusive prosperity. By championing accessibility and education in the digital realm, Telangana is primed to chart a course towards a future marked by equitable technological advancement and widespread socioeconomic growth.


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