Tata Hitachi Introduces EX 210LC Prime

Tata Hitachi Introduces EX 210LC Prime (Image Credit: Tata Hitachi)

Tata Hitachi has introduced the EX 210LC Prime, representing a significant leap forward in excavation technology. This latest iteration retains the robust qualities of its forerunners while enhancing reliability and delivering outstanding performance.

Tata Hitachi is one of the renowned manufacturers of construction machinery, offering a wide range of excavators and other heavy equipment for various infrastructure projects worldwide. Established through a joint venture between Tata Motors and Hitachi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd., the company combines Tata’s extensive industry expertise and Hitachi’s cutting-edge technology to deliver high-performance, reliable machinery.

The steadfast commitment of the company to delivering top-notch construction equipment shines through in the EX 210LC Prime, a model acclaimed for its proven durability and efficiency. The EX 210LC series has paved the way for Prime to emerge as an innovative and reliable solution capable of addressing a diverse array of construction requirements.

The debut event for the EX 210LC Prime took place at the Peerless Inn City Centre in Durgapur, where prominent figures such as Mitra Commercial & Automobiles LLP, the authorized dealer partner, and high-ranking executives from Tata Hitachi, were in attendance. Additionally, the gathering was graced by esteemed clientele, marking a momentous occasion in the unveiling of this product.

Customers can be confident in the EX 210 LC Prime as it represents a solid investment choice, boasting not only improved fuel efficiency but also lowered maintenance expenses and a higher resale value compared to other models in its category. This assurance stems from its enhanced operational economy, decreased need for frequent servicing, and its ability to retain value over time.

During the launch event, BKR Prasad, the General Manager of Marketing at Tata Hitachi, underscored the company’s dedication to innovation and its forward-looking vision for excavation. He emphasized how the inclusion of the EX 210 LC Prime in the product lineup epitomizes Tata Hitachi’s commitment to pushing boundaries and setting new standards of excellence in the industry.


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