TAGMA India Re-Elects Devaraya M Sheregar & D Shanmugasundaram in Leadership Roles


In a recent display of continuity and trust in its leadership, TAGMA India announced the re-election of its key office bearers during its Annual General Meeting (AGM). TAGMA India is the leading association that fosters growth and innovation in India’s tool and gauge manufacturing industry. Its initiatives emphasise skill development, technological advancements, and industry collaboration.

Devaraya Manjunath Sheregar of Devu Tools Private Limited will continue his commendable leadership as the President. D Shanmugasundaram of the S&T Group will retain his influential role as Vice President for the 2023-2026 term. Both stalwarts are recognised for their extensive experience and relentless commitment to TAGMA’s mission and values.

Upon the announcement, President Mr. Sheregar expressed his appreciation, “I’m humbled by the continued trust placed in me by TAGMA members. Our journey thus far has been transformative, and as we venture ahead, I see boundless opportunities. With the global spotlight on India as a nexus of innovation and manufacturing, TAGMA’s collective focus will be pivotal. We are committed to reinforcing our position as leaders in tooling excellence.”

Echoing his sentiments, Vice President Mr. Shanmugasundaram remarked, “It has been an honor to serve TAGMA, and this re-election is both a testament to our past endeavors and a mandate for our future vision. TAGMA has always been a beacon for the tooling industry, and our upcoming term will emphasize international collaborations, member expansion, and skill enhancement. Together, we’re geared to drive the Indian tool and gauge manufacturing sector to newer heights.”

The association and its members anticipate a period of sustained growth and innovation under the consistent leadership of Mr. Sheregar and Mr. Shanmugasundaram.

The Executive Council for 2023-2026 also includes:

  • Akshay Kalyanpur, Sridevi Tool Engineers Pvt Ltd
  • T S Gopalakrishnan, Multiple Special Steel Pvt Ltd
  • Raj Singh, Eqic Dies & Moulds Enggs Pvt Ltd
  • Sachin S Netrabyle, Magna Plastic Corporation
  • Shijesh Kokkodan, Macpro Technologies Pvt Ltd


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