SolaX Power Unveils New Residential Batteries

Solax Power's new residential batteries (Image Credit: Solax Power)

SolaX Power has unveiled two innovative series of integrated energy storage systems. The X1-IES lineup comprises four models, delivering an output ranging from 3 kW to 8 kW. Meanwhile, the X3-IES series consists of five models, offering an output power spanning from 5 kW to 15 kW.

SolaX Power is one of the leading global providers of solar energy solutions, specializing in the design, development, and manufacturing of innovative solar inverters and energy storage systems. SolaX Power’s products cater to residential, commercial, and industrial applications, offering efficient and reliable solutions for harnessing solar power.

In a statement, the company highlighted the advanced features of its systems, emphasizing their support for a substantial 200% oversizing in photovoltaic (PV) capacity, a 200% increase in PV input, and a maximum 20A DC input per Maximum Power Point Tracker (MPPT). This capability is designed to optimize system performance, resulting in higher energy yields and a more sustainable energy output.

The entire range of systems is equipped with lithium-ion batteries boasting a nominal capacity of 5.1 kWh. The X1-IES series offers models with one to four batteries, ranging from 5.1 kWh to 20.4 kWh in capacity. Meanwhile, the X3-IES series includes models featuring two to six batteries, providing capacities ranging from 10.2 kWh to 30.7 kWh.

With a switchover time of less than 10 milliseconds, the transition from the grid to backup power is virtually instantaneous. Moreover, the system can handle a substantial 200% Emergency Power Supply (EPS) overload for up to 10 seconds and boasts a charging/discharging rate of 50 A.

Operating within a temperature range of -30°C to 53°C, these systems offer users the flexibility to integrate safety features such as the Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter (AFCI) and Rapid Shutdown. Additionally, all models come equipped with Type II Surge Protective Devices (SPD) on both AC and DC sides.

Highlighting their artificial intelligence-driven capabilities, the manufacturer emphasized that the X1/X3-IES manages energy efficiently through features like Smart Schedule, Intelligent Loads Management, and Smart Scene. These functionalities provide users with control and customization options, ensuring the allocation and utilization of energy based on user preferences and demands.


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