Shiphra: A Landmark Achievement in Lab-Grown Diamond Industry

'Shiphra' The 50.25 Carat Lab Grown Diamond

The International Gemological Institute (IGI) has certified a groundbreaking 50.25 carat lab-grown diamond named ‘Shiphra.’ Produced by Ethereal Green Diamond LLP, this diamond surpasses the significant ‘half-century’ mark, marking a significant milestone in the lab-grown diamond sector. The diamond will be unveiled at the JCK Las Vegas exhibition, showcasing the advancement and growing popularity of lab-grown diamonds.

In a landmark achievement for the lab-grown diamond industry, Ethereal Green Diamond LLP has created and certified ‘Shiphra,’ a 50.25 carat lab-grown diamond. This emerald-cut diamond is the first to surpass the significant ‘half-century’ mark in carat weight, representing a paradigm shift in the lab-grown diamond sector.

Ethereal Green, known for its cutting-edge technology and commitment to sustainability, has been at the forefront of notable achievements in the lab-grown diamond industry. Just one year prior, they created the ‘Pride Of India,’ the first polished lab-grown diamond to exceed 30 carats. The company’s dedication to responsible diamond creation is reinforced by its SCS Global sustainability certification.

The certification of ‘Shiphra’ by the prestigious International Gemological Institute (IGI) further validates the authenticity and quality of this exceptional lab-grown diamond. IGI, as a pioneer in lab-grown diamond grading, has been instrumental in supporting and advancing the lab-grown diamond industry for the past 18 years. Their expertise and rigorous grading standards provide consumers and industry professionals with the assurance and confidence they seek when making significant diamond purchases.

Hirav Anil Virani, Managing Director of Ethereal Green, expressed immense pride in achieving this groundbreaking milestone. The unveiling of ‘Shiphra’ at the JCK Las Vegas exhibition will allow visitors to witness the pinnacle of lab-grown diamond achievement firsthand. This remarkable diamond serves as a testament to the relentless pursuit of excellence by Ethereal Green’s team, pushing the boundaries of what is possible in lab-grown diamond creation.

The growing market demand for lab-grown diamonds is underscored by the fact that ‘Shiphra’ has already been sold to Shiphra Jewelry, the gemstone’s namesake. This highlights the increasing desire for ethically sourced, sustainable diamonds that do not compromise on quality or visual appeal.

The unveiling of ‘Shiphra,’ a 50.25 carat lab-grown diamond, at the JCK Las Vegas exhibition marks a significant milestone in the lab-grown diamond industry. Created by Ethereal Green Diamond LLP, this diamond not only surpasses the ‘half-century’ mark but also represents the company’s commitment to sustainability and excellence in diamond creation.


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