SgurrEnergy Announces Milestone of 60 GW~ Renewable Energy Experience 


Renowned renewable energy consultancy SgurrEnergy has reached a major milestone, surpassing 100 gigawatts (GW) of experience in global renewable energy projects. India has played a significant role in this achievement, accounting for approximately 60 GW of the total capacity.

SgurrEnergy is a renewable energy consultancy firm headquartered in Glasgow, Scotland. Founded in 2002, SgurrEnergy provides engineering and technical advisory services to the renewable energy sector worldwide. The company specializes in wind, solar, and energy storage projects, offering expertise in areas such as resource assessment, due diligence, and project management.

SgurrEnergy has accomplished this feat through projects in over 40 countries, aligning with India’s ambitious goal of reaching 500 GW of renewable energy capacity by 2030. The company is committed to advancing renewable energy adoption in India and worldwide, focusing on technological innovations, community engagement, and facilitating a broader transition to clean energy.

This commitment includes expanding capacities in wind, solar, and other sustainable energy sources. Arif Aga, Director of SgurrEnergy, the company has reached a significant global achievement by leveraging its expertise in renewable energy technologies, forming strategic partnerships, and implementing successful project management strategies. Collaborating with international stakeholders and following industry best practices have been instrumental in this success.

Aga expressed confidence in translating their vision of renewable energy adoption in India and globally into reality, emphasizing their commitment to sustainability, innovation, and the ongoing growth of renewable energy. A long-standing technical consultancy in the country is looking to expand its operations by exploring new opportunities in the renewable energy sector. It plans to offer additional services such as green hydrogen energy and inspection services.

The company is collaborating with local firms, recruiting local engineers, and enhancing their capabilities to undertake more projects in India. SgurrEnergy, a prominent player in the US, Africa, and KSA markets, is leading a 10GW project in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, showcasing its commitment to sustainable energy solutions on a large scale. With upcoming offices in the UK, Europe, and SEA, the company is set for further global expansion and innovation.

On an international scale, the company aims to expand into new markets, forge partnerships, and invest in projects that support global renewable energy objectives. The company emphasizes the importance of building global collaborations, participating in knowledge-sharing programs, attending international conferences, and forming alliances with like-minded organizations to advance renewable energy infrastructure worldwide.


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