Servotech Power Systems Wins Order for 1500 DC fast EV Chargers from HPCL 


Servotech Power Systems Ltd has secured a substantial order for approximately 1500 DC fast EV chargers from HPCL and other OEMs specializing in EV chargers. This order, valued at 102 crores, includes two charger models: one with a power rating of 60 kW and the other of 120 kW.

Servotech Power Systems, listed on the NSE, specializes in developing technologically advanced EV charging solutions. Drawing on over two decades of experience in electronics, the company offers a wide array of AC and DC chargers compatible with various EV models for both commercial and residential use.

With a focus on engineering excellence, the company aims to play a significant role in enhancing India’s EV infrastructure. Known for its reliability and nationwide reach, Servotech Power Systems has a history of innovation in distributing premium LED lighting, UV-C disinfection products, and medical-grade oxygen concentrators and their components.

HPCL’s order with Servotech includes the manufacturing, supply, and installation of DC EV chargers across India, with a focus on deploying them at HPCL’s retail outlets. This initiative is viewed as a significant stride toward enhancing the user-friendliness of EVs through the establishment of a strong and interconnected EV charging network. It will further advance decarbonized transportation and meet the changing demands of the eco-conscious automotive sector.

Sarika Bhatia, the Director of Servotech Power Systems Ltd, expressed gratitude for being involved in India’s E-Mobility revolution. She emphasized their commitment, alongside HPCL, to accelerate the shift to a sustainable future. As a prominent EV charger manufacturer, their aim is to turn the dream of widespread EV usage in India into a tangible reality through a united vision and dedication.

Sarika Bhatia expressed confidence in their top-notch, technologically advanced DC fast EV chargers. They believe these chargers will play a crucial role in creating e-mobility touchpoints, enhancing transaction efficiency, increasing availability, streamlining discovery, and aiding navigation for EV users. Bhatia also highlighted their active support, which aims to ensure a seamless shift towards a cleaner, more sustainable transportation ecosystem.

This press release aims to update Servotech’s shareholders regarding the company’s recent achievement in the expanding EV charger sector. Securing orders from HPCL and various other OEMs serves as a substantial endorsement of Servotech’s products and expertise, establishing a strong foundation for the company’s future expansion within the Indian EV market.


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