Servotech Power Systems announces Q1 Results for FY23-24, PAT increases 10 Folds

Servotech Power Systems Ltd. has now secured a strong position, boasting approximately 25% market share in the EV charging solutions.

Servotech Power Systems Limited (NSE: SERVOTECH), a leading manufacturer of Solar, Electric Vehicle (EV) chargers, Power-backup, and other smart power solutions, reported its quarterly financial results for June 30, 2023. The company’s performance demonstrated a remarkable surge in key financial indicators, with Profit After Tax (PAT) increasing by a staggering 10-fold.

The Q1 FY24 financial results reflected a remarkable growth trajectory, driven by a 148.9% increase in revenue from operations compared to last year. The total revenue for Q1 FY24 reached Rs. 79.8 Crs, up from Rs. 32.1 Crs in Q1 FY23 on a year-on-year basis. This impressive surge in revenue was primarily attributed to the strong demand for Servotech’s EV products, riding the wave of the widespread adoption of electric vehicles and the government’s emphasis on establishing a robust charging infrastructure network. The company’s solar product range also continued to witness healthy demand due to its functional design, durability, and user-friendly features.

The impressive financial performance was further underscored by the significant growth in EBITDA, which saw a remarkable 415.3% year-on-year increase. The EBITDA rose from ₹1.4 Crs in Q1 FY23 to ₹7.1 Crs in Q1 FY24, with margins improving from 4.3% to 8.9%. This growth was primarily driven by the company’s increasing scale of operations and introduction of higher-value products.

Raman Bhatia
Managing Director, Servotech Power Systems Ltd

The revenue and profitability surge proved Servotech’s commitment to innovation and dedication to driving digital transformation. The company’s Managing Director, Raman Bhatia, emphasized that their success was primarily driven by introducing cutting-edge technology-driven solutions in the EV and solar sectors. Servotech Power Systems Ltd. has now secured a strong position, boasting approximately 25% market share in the EV charging solutions segment. Moreover, their solar solutions have gained significant momentum thanks to their easy installation, cost-effectiveness, and dependability, leading to enthusiastic adoption by the targeted customer base.

Raman Bhatia highlighted that the company’s implementation of SAP S/4 HANA in a record-breaking two and a half months testified to its dedication to driving digital innovation. This strategic move further streamlined their processes for greater efficiency and allowed them to remain ahead of the competition.

With a firm commitment to delivering customer-centric solutions in the realm of sustainable, clean, and green energy, Servotech Power Systems Ltd. has expanded its product portfolio and optimized its processes. As they venture into the future, the company recognizes the substantial potential within the markets they serve and finds themselves in an advantageous position to seize growth opportunities, as evidenced by their strong order pipeline.

The impressive Q1 FY24 results of Servotech Power Systems showcase their resilience, market leadership, and vision in the sustainable energy industry. With their continued dedication to innovation and enhancement, the company is well-positioned to impact the evolving landscape of clean energy solutions significantly.


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