Schneider Electric Introduces Easy UPS 3M Advanced

Schneider Electric Introduces Easy UPS 3M Advanced (Image Credit: Schneider Electric)

In Mumbai, Schneider Electric, a renowned figure in energy management and automation, has introduced the Easy UPS 3-Phase 3M Advanced. This resilient uninterruptible power supply is tailored to protect vital loads and excels in reliability, scalability, and simplicity.

Schneider Electric is one of the global leaders in digital transformation and energy management solutions. The company offers a comprehensive portfolio of products, software, and services to enable customers to efficiently manage energy consumption, optimize operations, and enhance sustainability. Its innovative technologies span various sectors, including industrial automation, building management, energy distribution, and renewable energy integration.

Committed to sustainability and environmental stewardship, the company focuses on delivering solutions that minimize carbon emissions and promote resource efficiency. With a legacy of innovation and a dedication to customer success, Schneider Electric continues to shape the future of energy management and automation, driving progress towards a more sustainable and connected world.

The Easy UPS 3-Phase 3M Advanced is designed with a modular and scalable architecture, making it effortless to install, service, configure, and expand. Covering a power spectrum of 100-250 kW (400V) across 3 phases, it meets the demands of small to medium data centers, alongside vital commercial and industrial settings. Manufactured in India, this UPS delivers dependable power with advanced functionalities, sturdy electrical characteristics, and a space-efficient design.

Additionally, it comes with a start-up service to ensure top-notch performance, reliability, and safety. The EcoStruxure-connected UPS is tailor-made for swift and effortless setup in data centers or electrical rooms. Operating within a wide temperature spectrum, it boasts robust overload protection, all encased in a compact size. Positioned as the top choice for safeguarding business continuity, the Easy UPS 3M Advanced stands out for its minimal Total Cost of Ownership, competitive specifications, and intuitive design.

With its modular framework and cutting-edge features, this power supply system guarantees enduring performance and unwavering power stability. Offering a generous operating temperature range, robust overload protection, and scalability for gradual expansion, it also provides internal redundancy options to bolster availability. Additionally, the startup service fine-tunes the system’s performance, ensuring top-notch quality and safety.

Sachin Bhalla, Vice President of Schneider Electric’s Secure Power Division for India and SAARC, underscored the significance of the product’s classification, placing emphasis on the UPS’s unmatched reliability, power monitoring for mitigating fluctuations, and integrated technology for reducing downtime and enhancing efficiency. To ensure seamless business continuity, Bhalla positioned the Easy UPS 3-Phase 3M Advanced as the optimal choice for enterprises seeking competitive specifications, low initial investment, and ease of operation.


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