Sandvik Coromant Introduces New Turning Grades for HRSAs

SAC693 - GC1205 1210 product collection

Sandvik Coromant, a leading global provider of metal cutting solutions, has recently unveiled two innovative PVD grades, GC1205 and GC1210, designed to revolutionize the precision turning of aged nickel-based HRSA in aero-engine components. These new grades address the stringent surface requirements of HRSA materials, making them more accessible than ever before.

With their introduction, Sandvik Coromant expands its capabilities in last stage machining (LSM) and intermediate stage machining (ISM), covering a wide range of applications. The key to the exceptional performance of these grades lies in their advanced features. They boast a hard, fine-grained substrate, the latest in PVD coating technology, and optimized edge-line integrity.

These elements combine to deliver increased resistance to flank wear and secondary notch wear, as well as superior edge-line security and reduced flaking. Martin Saunders, Global Product Application Specialist for Turning at Sandvik Coromant, highlights the benefits for customers, explaining that GC1205 enables higher cutting speeds, while GC1210 extends tool life.

This not only ensures consistent and predictable tool performance but also meets the stringent surface integrity requirements of critical aerospace components. GC1205 and GC1210 are particularly well-suited for machining a variety of aero-engine components, including gas turbine discs, casings, blisks, spools, shafts, and blades. However, their versatility extends beyond aerospace applications, proving to be an excellent choice for demanding applications such as power generation turbines and medical implants made of cobalt-chrome.

Saunders emphasizes the competitiveness and challenges of the S05 and S15 application areas, noting that these new grades offer the opportunity to increase cutting data while extending tool life, especially in last stage machining and intermediate stage machining of aerospace and medical components.

The compatibility of the grades is enhanced by their substantial overlap in product offerings. GC1205 serves as a finishing grade suitable for use in the final stages of machining, as well as in intermediate machining applications. On the other hand, GC1210 is utilized alongside GC1205 to provide additional toughness, particularly in intermediate machining applications where non-machined surfaces are involved.

Sandvik Coromant, in conjunction with its customers and partners, stands at the forefront of driving a sustainable future by providing cutting-edge tooling solutions to the world’s engineering sectors. With over eighty years of practical experience, the company has amassed a profound understanding of metal-cutting and machining.

This deep-rooted expertise enables Sandvik Coromant to view every challenge as an opportunity for innovation, collaboration, and the development of progressive solutions. Their primary objective is to instigate positive change by championing sustainability, efficiency, and growth, thus shaping a future where innovation flourishes. As a part of the Sandvik Group, a global industrial engineering conglomerate, Sandvik Coromant is actively engaged in shaping a brighter tomorrow through collective efforts.


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