Raft Cosmic EV Unveils Revolutionary Electric Vehicle Lineup at Stellar Launch Event

Raft Cosmic EV Unveils Revolutionary Electric Vehicle Lineup at Stellar Launch Event

Raft Cosmic EV, a pioneering force in the electric vehicle (EV) sector, joyously unveiled its revolutionary EV range at a dazzling event last Thursday. This milestone heralds a fresh epoch of ingenuity and elegance, presenting four outstanding EV models set to revolutionize the automotive realm. Every model carries its own distinctive essence, offering a renewed driving encounter for customers.

Leading the pack is the Raft Cosmic EV Warrior (Street Fighter), designed to conquer the urban terrain with its blend of resilience and power. Following closely is the Raft Cosmic EV Indus (Range King), setting unparalleled standards in range efficiency, making it the ideal companion for long-distance journeys.

Blending sophistication with ease, the Raft Cosmic EV Magnetic (Class and Simplicity) effortlessly embodies grace in motion. Meanwhile, the Raft Cosmic EV Zanskar (Jewel of the Crown) exudes luxury and prestige, epitomizing the height of opulence and performance. In a strategic move, Raft Cosmic EV also disclosed its intention to expand into the electric three-wheelers and commercial vehicles sector, aiming to introduce electric three-wheelers by the 2026-27 fiscal year.

The Cosmic Birla Group, known for its recent foray into electric mobility, has unveiled plans to construct a production facility in West Bengal solely dedicated to manufacturing electric two-wheelers. Aditya Vikram Birla, the Chairman and Managing Director of the Cosmic Birla Group, has offered insights into the initiative, stating, “We are in the process of establishing a new production facility in Domjur, located in West Bengal’s Howrah district, within the next three to four months. Land acquisition has been completed, and construction of the plant is already underway. The total investment for this facility is estimated to be around ₹50 crore, and it will focus on producing electric two-wheelers.”

The upcoming plant in Bengal is anticipated to produce around 15,000 vehicles annually. The Cosmic Birla Group recently entered the electric mobility sector by acquiring Raft Motors, a company based in Maharashtra, six months ago. Raft Motors, which has been a trailblazer in electric vehicles since 2017, currently manages two manufacturing facilities.

At the event, Raft Motors, now rebranded as Raft Cosmic EV, introduced four new electric scooter models, expanding its range to five e-scooters and one electric bike. Among the esteemed guests was Aditya Vikram Birla, the Chief Guest and Chairman and Managing Director of Cosmic EV Ltd. & Cosmic Birla Group.

Present at the event were notable figures such as Jitendra Kochar, who serves as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Vedant Mimani, the Chief Operating Officer (COO), Kushal Choudhury, holding the position of Chief Product Officer (CPO), Rajiv Shishir Nagar, acting as the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), Coomar Sudarsan, the Chief Technology Officer (CTO), and Adityavikram Malu, who holds the role of Marketing Head (MH). Adding an element of charm and elegance to the occasion were esteemed guests Saurav Das, Darshana Banik, Neel Bhattacharya, and Priyanka Bhattacharjee.


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