PM Modi to Lay Foundation Stone of 550 Amrit Bharat Stations


On February 26, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is set to inaugurate 550 Amrit Bharat stations, aimed at enhancing railway station facilities through the development of rooftop plazas and city centers, at a cost of Rs 40,000 crore.

Additionally, PM Modi will lay the foundation stone for approximately 1,500 road overbridges and under bridges across various states during a virtual event that will be broadcasted at over 2,000 railway stations, according to officials on Wednesday. The prime minister is set to participate in the event through videoconferencing.

Additionally, approximately 50,000 school students who took part in speech, essay, and poetry writing contests under the theme “2047 – Viksit Bharat ki Railway,” organized by the Indian Railways across 4,000 schools, will receive prizes. Nearly four lakh students participated in various competitions, and divisional railway managers and senior railway officers will present around 50,000 awards during the event.

The Amrit Bharat Station Scheme was initiated to enhance Indian Railways’ station facilities. It focuses on creating master plans and executing them in stages to upgrade amenities such as station access, waiting areas, toilets, and lift/escalator facilities, as well as improving cleanliness and providing free WiFi. The scheme also includes setting up kiosks for local products under the ‘One Station, One Product’ initiative and enhancing passenger information systems.

The plan also includes constructing executive lounges and designated areas for business meetings, as well as landscaping, all tailored to the needs of each station. It aims to enhance station buildings, connect them with both sides of cities, integrate different modes of transportation, provide facilities for people with disabilities, use ballastless tracks where needed, and incorporate ‘roof plazas’ as necessary.

The plan also considers phasing and feasibility, as well as creating city centers at the stations in the long run. It envisions a gradual transition to sustainable and eco-friendly solutions based on available funds and the condition of existing assets. To ensure easy access, the plan also suggests widening roads, removing unnecessary structures, installing well-designed signs, establishing dedicated pedestrian paths, planning parking areas, and improving lighting.

The plan includes raised platforms (760-840 millimeters) at stations of all types. The platform length is typically set at 600 meters as per the scheme. Currently, 1,318 stations have been chosen for the Amrit Bharat Station Scheme, following submissions from zonal railways. These stations are primarily situated in major urban areas and towns.


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