Pashupati Group and Recykal Collaborate to Improve the Channelization of Post-Consumer Resins


Pashupati Group, with a distinguished track record spanning more than four decades in sustainable recycled resin production, has initiated an innovative partnership with Recykal, a leading managed marketplace focused on post-consumer recycled resin (PCR). This collaborative effort signifies the mutual commitment of both entities to improving the distribution of PCR Resins to meet the growing needs of brands and manufacturers.

Through this strategic collaboration, they seek to advance closed-loop production systems and reduce the environmental footprint of manufacturing processes. The Pashupati Group has been a pioneer in developing sustainable solutions through plastic recycling, with a strong focus on PET and Polyolefin. Operating four recycling facilities and two packaging facilities across India, they have a combined processing capacity of 300,000 tonnes.

This allows them to prevent an astounding 10 million Pet Bottles and 2 million Polyolefin bottles from being disposed of in landfills or water bodies every day. Their unwavering commitment to quality and consistency has earned them global recognition and certifications. This has enabled them to export sustainable recyclates and value-added products containing recycled content to more than 25 countries worldwide. Their overarching goal is to lead the global effort in recycling and processing plastic waste, thereby offering sustainable closed-loop solutions.

Pashupati Group is a renowned conglomerate with diversified business interests, including textiles, real estate, and hospitality. Established in 1979, the group has a strong presence in India and internationally, known for its commitment to quality and innovation. On the other hand, Recykal is a pioneering technology company focused on creating sustainable solutions for waste management and recycling. Founded in 2016, Recykal leverages technology to streamline and optimize waste collection, processing, and recycling processes.

Their platform connects various stakeholders in the waste management ecosystem, including consumers, waste generators, recyclers, and government agencies, facilitating efficient and transparent waste management practices. Recykal’s innovative approach has earned them recognition as a leader in the sustainable technology space, driving positive environmental impact while creating value for businesses and communities.


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