Ozonetel Customer Experience Platform Receives Top Honors at the Aegis Graham Bell Awards

Atul Sharma, Co-Founder, CEO, Ozonetel

Ozonetel was honored at the 14th Aegis Graham Bell Awards (AGBA) for Innovation in Enterprise Solution. AGBA, a prominent innovation award program backed by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) of the Government of India, recognized Ozonetel’s excellence.

Ozonetel stands out in the Customer Experience (CX) sector, providing businesses with a comprehensive platform for managing communication flows across various channels. With its AI-driven technology, the company has empowered over 3,500 businesses to streamline, oversee, and analyze interactions throughout their customer engagement journey. Ozonetel’s platform facilitates seamless customer engagement through voice, chat, SMS, WhatsApp, and other digital channels, ensuring a unified experience.

The Aegis Graham Bell Award pays tribute to Alexander Graham Bell, the father of telephony and a pioneering innovator. Initiated by the Aegis School of Business, Data Science, and Cyber Security, this award aims to promote innovation and honor the remarkable contributions of innovators. Supported by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, Government of India; NITI Aayog; Skill India; and the NICSI. Modern enterprises encounter numerous challenges in delivering exceptional customer experiences (CX).

These challenges include using disparate solutions leading to disjointed customer journeys, managing complex licenses, relying on third-party data for AI integration, facing interoperability issues that hinder automation, and having siloed customer data that results in an unconnected customer experience. Ozonetel has conceived a holistic strategy to enhance customer experiences across different touchpoints in a business.

Their unified platform, which prioritizes AI, combines contact center functionalities, communication APIs, customer engagement tools, and workforce management solutions. This platform is designed with a robust, open API architecture that facilitates seamless integration with various enterprise applications and enables easy connections with voice, chat, and other digital channels for customer interactions.

Ozonetel’s platform is underpinned by five core elements: omnichannel capabilities, low-code tools, actionable insights and analytics, AI and Natural Language Processing (NLP) for increased automation, and secure access to customer data across enterprise departments. Enterprises can leverage this platform to gain valuable business insights and real-time intelligence from millions of customer interactions, thereby identifying potential growth opportunities.

Atul Sharma, Ozonetel’s Co-founder and CEO, expressed his delight and honor at receiving this recognition, highlighting its validation of the company’s value and business impact for leading global enterprises. This acknowledgment underscores Ozonetel’s dedication to innovation and its mission to redefine the CX landscape. The company aims to keep enterprises at the forefront of technological advancements, enabling them to humanize customer experiences, scale customer engagement, and drive business growth.

Ozonetel’s unified CX approach has positioned it as a leader in the enterprise sector. Several enterprise clients have utilized its platform to transform their CX, resulting in prestigious awards and industry acclaim. The company’s excellence in customer experience has also been recognized by G2, the largest peer-to-peer software review site, across multiple categories.


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